Deadsplinter Up! All night: Motown Tuesday

seemed rude not to

rest in peace miss wilson

now im not one to go for big speeches…so ill just let classic motown say it for me

i will say tho..her music never fails to make me feel happier

tho admittedly…that goes for motown in general too


thank you for supporting deadsplinter



    • love that one 🙂

  1. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell – You’re All I Need To Get By



    • love that one too 🙂
      anyways…i probably wont comment much on this one for a few hours…as i need to sleep…
      feels like im neglecting my duties

  2. The earliest Motown records were distributed by Chess (which is where the Harvey Fuqua/Motown connection comes from).  And they were pure doo-wop.

    But for me, Motown is and always will be Marvin.  [Note: Harvey Fuqua, originally of The Moonglows, was a backup singer on the early Marvin records]

    And peak Marvin.

  3. Mary Wilson is a great example of Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold because she didn’t publish Dreamgirl until 1986, and the advantage of time let her really stuck it to Diana Ross and Berry Gordy, who were pretty awful people.
    Gladys Knight signed with Motown after a lot of the events in Dreamgirl had already happened, but she later corroborated a lot of what Wilson and others said about the conniving natures of Ross and Gordon. This is her biggest hit after fleeing Motown for Buddha Records:

  4. I don’t really Motown, but I can Detroit:

  5. Team Mary, all the way. RIP.
    Mary Wilson – Come See About Me

  6. I was going to post this as a joke, but it turns out they were actually on the Motown label. 
    Boyz II Men, “Motownphilly” 

  7. Brenda Holloway. You Made Me So Very Happy, extended version ( never too much.)


    • that was nice 🙂
      not sure ive heard it before….. its oh so very familiar tho

  8. Not Motown but my favorite Detroit band…

    • Not Motown but my favourite Detroit reference in a song is when Steve Perry unwittingly referred to “South Detroit” because it “sings really great” without realising he was referring to Windsor, Ontario:

    • used to be my favourite song on tony hawks pro skater 😀
      as i got older superman overtook it tho

    • ah…now that is a good way to wake up 🙂
      sipping me coffee thinking about how im wording me sicknote for the day
      (im leaning twards fuck you you arent paying me enough to walk around with a broken toe against doctors orders)

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