Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Music You Did Not Know You Needed Until You Heard It!

Did you ever run across a new style of music or new band and say “where have you been all my life?” That is kind of what keeps me going and searching the interwebs for something different and exciting. It doesn’t have to be new it just has to be new to me. One of my loves is Gypsy music like Balkan Beat Box and I love reggae so when I discovered Adriano Bono, it was love at first hear. His album Reggae Circus is super fun…

Much of his stuff is not gypsy but just Italian reggae which I didn’t know was a thing but is somehow gets me dancing…

Who knew fruit could be so fun!

So do you have a style of music or band that gives you that feeling? Have a great night and keep on searching.



  1. The first time I heard Zydeco was in 1991.  It was this track and I was hooked.

    Buckwheat Zydeco – Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire.


    • I saw him live a few years before he passed away and he was amazing!

  2. I have to admit that I first heard this on a Putmayo cd but it got me into Arabic dance music.
    Leiley – Dania Khatib


  3. gogol bordello was an eye opener back when i found them..but im pretty sure you know them…soooo…hmmmm
    scottish reggea?

    • im also quite partial to frenchcore

      im gonna need someone to explain to me how its different from the hardcore we had back in the 90s….but i guess the kids wanna feel like they came up with something new
      anyways…its fine by me…im a hyperactive bastard..120 to 180 bpm is my comfort zone

  4. The Bulgarian Women’s Choir, I first heard Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares back in 1987. 

    Kalimankou Denkou


  5. hey….i just discovered folktronica (fell down a youtube rabbit hole and ended up there)

    kinda makes me wish i was high…’d be a trip

  6. Remember techno back in the ’90s? 
    The Crystal Method – Busy Child

    I still enjoy it. 

    • Around when they were popular I was into Underworld…

  7. Bombino was new to me some years ago. He is Tuareg Nigerian and sings in Tamasheq.


  8. Mine is Syrian wedding music

    • Oh, this makes me so happy. I used to go to the same yoga studio as Omar’s manager. It’s been great to see him have real crossover cred.

  9. For me it was Babymetal.  Everything about this is fucking genius:

    • Except I should have posted this one, because that “skeleton” band never actually played anything.  Kamiband shreds:

  10. There was a new radio station in Vancouver (the second time I lived there) called The Peak that was completely dedicated to indie music (apparently not anymore?).  I used to drive all over with it playing and enjoyed most of the songs to the point that it is safe to say I was an avid and loyal listener. I wish I could remember the songs they were playing at the time as I have tried to search on their website to no avail…so I can only think of one to link here (I fell in love with the lyrics the first time I heard it):

    The reason I gave The Peak a chance in the first place was because of songs I had heard several years earlier by accident whilst searching for indie hip hop. Especially this one:

    I know I have posted these songs before but they’re the first ones I thought of.

  11. @Loveshaq: I’m guessing you probably also like Slavic Soul Party! and One Ring Zero
    Did anyone else [everybody else] fall madly in love with the music of Buena Vista Social Club when the documentary came out? 
    Buena Vista Social Club, “Chan Chan” 

    Or how about Sixto Rodriguez from Searching for Sugar Man
    Rodriguez, “I’ll Slip Away” 

    Or Paul Pena and Tuvan throat singing, courtesy of Genghis Blues
    Paul Pena, “Good Horses” 

    What I’m saying is I’m a junkie for music documentaries. 

  12. Not familiar with those first two but like what I hear.  Definitely a huge Buena Vista Social Club fan & most Cuban music.

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