Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Musical Ambassadors

This week I am possibly breaking rules and giving my space to a friend and sometimes lurker on these posts. Eventually, I will get him on this site contributing more to the posts but for now this was his request. Before I turn it over, I just wanted to say that this family is royalty in Hawaii and has kept me from getting my ass kicked more than once. Just as his grandfather was an ambassador to Hawaii’s music, he was a great ambassador to new music for me. In any case, the rest of this will be his words, not mine.

Aloha kakahiaka to one and all.. my name is Scott kahalekuiinaihe Kinney… the artist you are about to hear was my grandfather Ray Kinney.. he was a prominent musician as well as a prevalent fixture in Hawaiian music. I took the liberty of adding on his Wiki Page biography as well as some live video.. with much gratitude and appreciation to my best friend, my wish is that his music will perpetuate both his legacy and an appreciation for Hawaiian music as a culture much Aloha and enjoy.



  1. Hello Scott, welcome! What a lovely tribute to your grandfather and what sophisticated music. It feels like it was perfect for a ritzy club. My father, who was born in 1918, entered the navy at age 17 and stayed in until his early 40s. He was stationed in Hawaii several times over the years, and fell in love with the islands and the people. I like to imagine that he had the opportunity to hear you grandfather. Here is some more sophisticated music for this evening. 


    • If he was in the islands at that time I bet he came across Mr. Kinney and his orchestra.  My Dad’s favorite singer was given his big break by Mr. Kinney by recruiting him to sing with his orchestra.

  2. Thanks for joining us this evening. And for introducing us to your grandfather’s music. I love it.

    Vampire Weekend- Diplomat’s Son






  3. Him & Sid Fernandez never have to pay for dinner in Hawaii.  We love when local boys do good!  Sid actually went to our high school. As did Clay Stanley (gold medal mvp in volleyball) & Akebono, grand sumo champion.

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