Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Musicals

Ya, that’s right. I feel like we having tortured Myo recently with some songs from MUSICALS!

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  1. probably shouldnt watch this one if you havent watched s4 of stranger things yet

    you know…saying spoiler warning would have been quicker

  2. I’m in a cryptid mood today.

    Hold Me, Bat Boy


  3. Saw Cats in my first visit to NYC against my will. I would rather have seen this.

    • This is the correct answer.  Berklee College did a South Park in Concert musical.  It is only a matter of time until Trey & Matt do it or authorize it.


  4. As both a Gen-X’er and a theater major once upon a time, I adore a good sing-along musical😉😁🤗

    This album was listened to EVERY day (at least once!) in the costume shop;

    I’m sure it’s clichéd for most folks… but to those of us who grew up amidst the AIDS crisis, watching soooooo many people die–grownups, movie stars & singers, and even *kids like us,* this song will always have meaning to me;

    Then there’s this Pearl Bailey classic, from the first movie I ever saw in the theater💖;

    great waltz;

    And one of my faves & a TOTALLY underrated one, from the “newer” Disney movies


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