DeadSplinter Up! All Night: My Blood Brother is an Immigrant

Thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter. Hope you all are having a great Saturday!



  1. Suzanne Vega – “Blood Makes Noise”

    Pearl Jam – “Blood”

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Bad Blood”
    (A few years later, there was another song out there called “Bad Blood,” but I’m not bothering with that one.)

  2. huh….i was going to go with blood brothers…by iron maiden
    but instead im going to go with the font 

    wich……actually isnt all that close to yours…huh ..wierd… anyhoo…im having the messiest night here
    i met a gay bear…and i think he might have my bike….for safe keeping…. no idea where the fuck he is tho…kinda hoping i sweet talked him into taking me number and calling me tomorow
    i guess the taxi company can tell me where they picked me up at least
    thats a clue i guess

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