Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Nap Time

Over and out.



  1. You know where to stick those jingle bells:

  2. …is this what christmas means to me?

  3. I spent most of my Xmas cleaning my home. It’s amazing how much shit you have when you’ve neglected mail and bills for several years (2011-2016 which I would say were the worst years of my life.) It was sad looking at my bank account balance and the 2nd and 3rd notices pile up.

    I spent 3 hours clearing out the mountain of mail and 4 hours on dust bunny hunt.

    It wasn’t all bad. I had a good drama free Xmas dinner at the parents house.

  4. Not even dinner & I have already listened to this song a few times, a holiday tradition. Hope you don’t have a shitty Xmas!

  5. Hope I don’t double post, my post seemed to disappear. Hope nobody has a shitty Xmas!

  6. I admire your all’s dedication! Merry Xmas!

    • …probably – if not definitely – my favorite christmas tune, that one

  7. Has this been posted before? I feel like it has but I don’t see it on the last few night. Anyway, forgive me, but it’s so good it bears repeating.
    Tom Waits – Christmas Card From a Hooked in Minneapolis

    • Hooker, damn autocorrect!

      • I’d offer to edit it for you – which I believe is at least theoretically possible – but then I’d have to figure out how to take these last two comments down or anyone happening by will think we’ve lost it…

        always time for a bit of tom waits, though…

        • I need to learn to proofread before hitting publish!

          • so say we all…& some of us like to add…& this time, I mean it…

  8. And because I’m everyone’s little ray of sunshine,lol.
    Rilo Kiley – Xmas Cake

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