Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Night and Day

Sleeping at night is overrated

As insomnia’s talons pierce my mind and feed on the carrion of my soul, I lay in bed wondering if maybe I’ve been going about this night and day thing all wrong. Am I a night owl who who’s been conditioned by societal norms to live my waking hours during daylight? I used to relish the quiet solemn dark of night. There was something almost spiritual about rationing sleep in order to explore my thoughts. I would read, write, contemplate life, the universe and everything. Though I still haven’t figured out the ultimate question…

I know some of you also suffer from various degrees of insomnia (@splinterrip bemoaning a PhD in it), while others work night shifts. So my virtual villagers, what’s your jam? Day or night? Light or darkness? Something in between like twilight? How are you sleeping? Did I create this theme to loosely link a couple of songs that are stuck in my head plus a bonus Modest Mouse new release? Maybe… Maybe I’m just sleep deprived. Many thanks for co-creating the nightly DUAN playlists, especially when “Up! All Night” is a literal thing.



  1. Once upon a time I was a major night owl.  Going to bed at 4am and waking up at the crack of noon was normal.  I even chose a career which very nicely fit my waking/sleeping schedule.  Then, things changed.  I needed to find a different career path (which I actually did a couple of times), and I was forced into that early to bed/early to rise bullshit routine.  My body never really got used to it so I was tired all the time.  Since the lockdowns, I’ve been able to sort of approximate a better sleeping schedule, going to bed around 11 and waking up around 7–but now my body is deciding that going to bed at 10 and waking up at 6 is a better idea.  That’s bullshit.

    The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night


    • So you’re going to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.  Nothing wrong with that.

  2. i fucking hate the day shift…i mean..i can live with daylight..if i can do fun shit with it
    but what the hell do i need it for if im gonna spend most of it working anyways?
    and i have to get up early just so i can waste all that light too…
    fuck that shit…put me on night shifts so i can waste all that light productively…by being asleep for it….the streets are more fun after dark anyways…. (and…i actually sleep better during the day)

    • Me too.  I dislike dayshift mostly because I wake up before zero dark 30 and too much brass wandering around the production floor for my liking.
      I tolerate night shift because there is zero brass and it is usually less tense.  I sleep better in the winter (cold) than the summer.

  3. I’ve been up at dawn lately.  Sometimes I try to go back to sleep, sometimes I give up and get up. And this is after being restlessly awake until midnight or 1 AM.

    Dawn at the Factory, One True Pairing 


  4. I’m definitely a night owl – but I can also get up early with no sleep. I just crash around 3:30pm – which works unless I’m working. Then, I’m just very unproductive for about an hour at that time.  I think my problem is being on the computer most of the night. I bought some blue blocker glasses – I guess they work? Some nights I can sleep unaided and some nights I can’t. 
    Manfred Mann – Blinded by the Light

    • i normally read myself to sleep if i have to go to bed before…say…4 am
      but…stupid day shift means im sposed to go to bed by about 10 pm if im to get enough sleep for a 5 am start
      who can even sleep at time of day?….ive only felt properly awake for an hour or two now…and its nearing midnight

  5. …it’s not original…but I gotta go with this one

    • not original maybe…but it is good
      and dare i say….timeless?
      have a feeling that ones gonna be on the radio for another 50 years

  6. Neptune Football Club –  Insomnia



  7. I like the daytime.

    I also like the nighttime.


  8. I’m gonna put this hear because I’m afraid nobody else will, and that would be a shame.

    Some prefer the 1957 version.

  9. Pepe Deluxe – A Night & A Day

    I never sleep well anymore, no matter how late I stay up, I am up at 6am.  It seems like I have had this for 40 Days and 40 Nights  (even when I dream of cowgirls!)…


  10. I just had to post this great standard written by Matt Dennis and Tom Adair.  The Sinatra version is better-known, but Dylan got right to the heart of it.

  11. My spotty memory thought this song was called “Night and Day”, but oh well, we’ll supplement it with some atmospheric baroque pop of the same era. 
    The Polyphonic Spree, “Light & Day” (Orchestral Version) 

    Mercury Rev, “Nite and Fog” 

    • Oh, and major props to the Truffaut film, Day for Night

      Here’s another homage via Moloko:
      Moloko, “Day for Night” 

  12. There I things I like about both night and day. 


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