DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Nirvana

Ok I was going to call this post the 27 Club, but that seemed a little too morose, even for me.

As far as ‘celebrities’ go, this is one of the first deaths I really remember. The others were Jerry Garcia and Princess Diana within a couple of years.

I love this:

What’s your nirvana?

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  1. I was devastated when Bob Marley died. I know it became a cliche to listen to reggae in the stoner crowd but I was a serious aficionado of the genre. And of course it all started with Bob Marley and the Wailers.




    • Ha. I like them both. If I had to pick, I’d probably pick The Pixies, but why pick?
      Nirvana was being blasted from my older sister’s room an awful lot when I was young, and I remember how devastated she was about Cobain (I was still too young at that point to be much of a fan). 

      The Pixies came just a little later for us both (so much of my early music taste was just me directly copying her). I saw them live when I was in college. 

  2. Before my older siblings started listening to Nirvana in the ’90s, this was the band I knew as Nirvana. 
    Nirvana (UK), “Everybody Loves The Clown” 


  3. Kurt died the spring of my Senior year of High School…. 
    Tbh, Nirvana wasn’t a band I (or most of my classmates!) listened to, because by that year most of us were listening to Country music…
    The local rock stations were running too many pop/rock songs into the ground, by only having a handful of songs in their rotation (I STILL hate Ace of Bass’s The Sign, TLC’s Waterfalls, Prince’s Cream, and The Cranberries’ Zombie!, because they were SO overplayed!🙃)… so I didn’t get into the whole “Grunge”/ “Alternative” thing–Loser, Sweater Song, MmmmBop, and Buddy Holly were also terribly overplayed, so that kept me away from the entire genre for a LONG time…
    It also didn’t hurt, that the 90’s was a second (third?) Golden Age for Country music… you had Reba, Shania, Amy (slightly more Christia, but she saw Country airplay, too!), Faith, The Judds/Wynona, Tammy, Tricia, Martina, the Leannes (Rives and Womack), The Chicks, SheDaizy, etc, along with Garth at his prime, Chris LeDoux, Wade Hayes, Travis Twitter, the late Joe Diffie, The Tracy’s (Bird & Lawrence), Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, and ALL the great Groups–Alabama, Lonestar, Sawyer Brown, etc… heck, i remember Toby being a second-tier listing, iirc, with David Ball as the opener, on a Tim McGraw tour😉😆🤣…
    Country was STACKED in the 90’s, and with all that boring “same sound” and repetition of radio-played songs over in the pop sector–along with the great Rap & hip-hop–Tupac/Biggie, NWA, the Beasties, Ice Cube,  LL, Missy Elliott, the Queen,   Salt n Pepa, TLC, SWV, etc) and Metal (Metallica, Slayer, Tesla, Cinderella, Slaughter, GnR, Motley Crue, Poison, NIN, the Chili Peppers, etc), there was just no need to listen to the pop & grunge “crap” that got too much rotation back then…🙃
    I DID love (and owned!) the Weird Al “Nirvana” parody album–these were a couple other favorites off that one😉;


  4. I still lived in Hawaii when Kurt died but was visiting WA. & coming down from snowboarding about 60 miles from where Kurt lived.  My girlfriend at the time was best friends with a girl that went to high school with him.  We were pretty shook.  I have mixed feelings about much of the grunge bands, appreciate them more now then I did then.  My buddy Ruppi was in one of my favorite Seattle bands of the time but they were kind of more like grunge/Zep sounding.  Symon Asher…


  5. Regarding Jerry and The Dead, he passed juuuust at/before the beginning of my second year of College–my floor (girls’) of the High-rise dorm, and the boys’ floor above us, were The Gerry Garcia Memorial House in his honor😉
    That was *also* the era when Hell Froze Over, and The Eagles not only got back together–they toured again… so YEAH,glut of good stuff….
    Although if I’d known about Tina Bell before last week, there’s a REALLY good chance i’dve been much more into grunge than I was back then🙃
    This article got shared somewhere over on Twitter last week–she was a HELL of an artist, underling, and she should get a ton more credit than she has;

  6. I just want to post this about the source of the title of Nirvana’s most famous song:
    Slightly related, Bikini Kill reunited recently, and were scheduled to play Burger Boogaloo (a local punk festival, hosted by John Waters), but due to COVID was postponed, then canceled.  It’s supposedly on schedule again for this summer, and I’m hoping it happens and I can grab tickets, it would be awesome to see Bikini Kill live…

  7. dimebag darrel is the one that stands out most for me

    i actually remember where and with who i was when i got that news
    not every day a musician you like gets murdered on stage you know
    and 20 year old me wasnt big on following the news….back then i wasnt aware much of americas shooting fetish
    really was a bolt out of the blue for me

    • Despite our “shooting fetish” (yep, pretty accurate), that one was pretty shocking for a lot of people. Can’t say I was a huge fan, but I had friends who were and were shook. There’s an expectation of security at concerts that clearly failed horribly.
      Also, side note, I didn’t realize we were nearly the same age. 

      • i kinda knew we were about the same age since chinese years came up a whiles ago
        turns out i have pretty good memory for snippets like that
        but the time pretty much all my mates were metal it would have been a big one even if it hadnt been murder

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