Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Not From Around Here

South Korean and Moroccan. Broaden my horizons.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. padme – son birkac sey

    its like turkish nofx

  2. I’m going with international, a band that the DeadSplinerati turned me on to:


  3. Pizzicato Five, ahead of their time (and if you think you’ve heard this song before but aren’t sure where, it was lovingly featured in a “Futurama” episode)

  4. I been listening to a lot of Suba, a Serbian-born guy named Mitar Subotić who became one of the top producers in Brazil.  It’s electronica, but with a lot of hip movement.   His music is like a sexier Boards of Canada, and it makes for excellent music to do farm work by.  He died in 1999 at age 38.  He was a real talent.


  5. Rachid Taha

    and a great cover…


  6. Or some Irish Indian music?


  7. This was hugely popular once upon a time. I had the extended-play cassingle in the 80s. Galbi is also a Korean term for bbq’d beef ribs, so I should get double points:

    Around the same time I had this vinyl LP, like half of America:

    Before that I lived in Central America and this catchy tune was playing everywhere. I had the 45:

    “Avispa” is the Spanish word for wasp and is related etymologically to the Italian “vespa”, both from Latin. Those sporty motorbikes are called vespas/wasps because of the noise they make. The more you know.



    • Oh, I don’t know what happened to that second one. It’s Nat King Cole singing “O Tannenbaum” auf Deutsch.

      • some youtube videos have autoembed disabled by the uploader. you formatted the comment correctly so i have to assume that is the case here?

  8. I’ve posted this Pakistani band, Khumariyaan, on Deadsplinter before.









  9. Howl (Norway) – Controller

    Covenant (Sweden) – Dead Stars

  10. @MemeWeaver I haven’t seen you around here much lately, hope you were just off having fun.

    • We were having fun in Hawaii, and I used the opportunity to pay as little attention to the online world as possible. But it’s good to be back!

      • Good to be back from Hawaii? The fuck is wrong with you? 

        • Heat stroke? 

    Enti El Waheeda – Hesham Abbas

    Cheb Mami – Azwaw


  12. I don’t know what’s going on in this clip, and I don’t understand French, but I like to sing this one in the shower (with choreography, of course).

  13. I first heard this song on a video somewhere (before youtube took over) displaying amazing Thierry Henry highlights and fell in love with it (obviously for the sound). About five years later I befriended someone from Turkey, played the song for him, and asked him what it was about. His response:

    “gangsta crap”

    …and he never ended up telling me what it meant. I still love the sound of it:

  14. Iceland: múm, “Green Grass Of Tunnel” 

    Cameroon: Francis Bebey, “The Coffee Cola Song” 

    Ethiopia: Hailu Mergia & the Walias Band. “Nefas New Zemedie” 

    Mali: Amadou & Mariam, “Dimanche à Bamako” (produced by Manu Chao) 


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