DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Nothing But You (Sleep)

These guys just keep getting better. Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You).

And here’s an oldie but goodie from 2012, How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep:

Hit me with your best sleep-themed songs!

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  1. oh nice…never heard of them
    anyhoo…i go into party mode whenever i see eat sleep…ill probably be bouncing off the walls all night now and oversleep for work tomorrow

    i hope you feel at least a little bit bad when i get fired :p

    • I will feel terrible!

      • lol dont worry
        i may oversleep…but ill probably get away with it if i do
        im kinda good at my job…..probably never getting promoted coz of that attitude tho

          • lol maybe… but tbh…any position higher than what i currently have comes with a significant amount of paperwork and meetings
            and if theres two things i hate in this world….

  2. Here’s an unrelated song I like

  3. And another, because these days everybody’s a little bit broken;

      • …I met Seasick Steve a few years back…absolutely one of the nicest & most down to earth dudes I had the pleasure to run into at a place that had more than its share of the other sort

        …always puts a smile on my face these days…so thanks for that

    • Never try to dine and dash at the Dream Cafe or else…

  4. Sleep is for the Weak!

    but sometimes I find myself Behind the Wall of Sleep

  5. …so…couple of things…it’s arguably a bit of a reach in terms of DUAN ettiquette but I’m hoping the background musical accompaniment scrapes it under the wire on a technicality since I think that cat pic in the header could be considered cheating

    …also…there’s some context to take into account…I…do not sleep well…so one of the reasons I failed to keep up with these posts of late has been in part due to trying to spend a little less of the time reasonable folks are abed stacking up links in those DOT posts…from which meg is good enough to save me from time to time…& at those times this is more or less how I imagine her internal monologue would sound if narrated by Sam Jackson?

    • That is a wonderful book. And I was curious how, on most days when I start work at 6:30, you already have a full and current DOT ready for us. Now the secret is out, you do not sleep.

    • Both of your work is tremendous and much appreciated.

  6. This is the first one that came to my mind.

    The Pretenders – I Go To Sleep

  7. Black Sabbath – Behind the Wall of Sleep

    This is another one that you’ll want to listen to under a quality pair of headphones.

  8. Like a lot of people this virus has messed with my sleep. Instead of a sleep song, a sleepless song.
    Courtney Barnett – An Illustration of Lonlieness – Sleepless In NY

    • …a sleepless song, you say…& I promised myself I was going to resist the temptation

      [all things considered it really ought to be the extended version…]

      • …the problem with having a head full of Zevon of a Saturday night is that the only Cash you’re left with on the Sunday morning is hard to spend

        • that’s OK, the assembly line is running slow on Monday

          Johnny Cash – A Wednesday Car

              • …at some point we all take our last one of those

                • that only counts rides on land. but you can ride in the sky too

                  Johnny Cash – [Ghost] Riders In the Sky

                  • …well, you took it to the railroad before you took to the skies…although I guess Casey rode the subway…but depending how you whistle up those riders might be you don’t make it to the end of the line

                    …in which case, you might end up feeling like the guys ghostriding it are better off…because until then…the kids always need a new pair of shoes

                    • might not make it to the end of the line? I made it just fine. I Walked the Line!

                      Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line

                    • …ah, but the only line in the desert’s the horizon…which tend to be tough to walk…there’s always some place further on up the road

                    • of course there is always some place further on up the road. it’s a Wide Open Road

                      Johnny Cash – Wide Open Road

                    • …well, sure…you can go anywhere & all…but all the same at some point you’re going to fetch up in the same place

                      …the trick is not to wind up finding it’s someplace too hot to be comfortable

    • great great song. here’s a Live performance of it

      Metallica – Enter Sandman Live Moscow 1991

  9. Dedicated to the 10000 potential COVID-19 victims who congregated in a Toronto park yesterday. Fuck stupid is everywhere.

  10. not someplace too hot? I guess Jackson is out

    Johnny Cash, June Carter – Jackson

    • …so you’re saying it’s a good thing the fire went out?

      • yes, it’s fine. the big light is is still shining

        Johnny Cash – The Big Light

        • …the big light, you say?

          …but things change

          …& before you know it

          • five feet high and rising? time to use your rowboat

            Johnny Cash – Rowboat

            • …best pace yourself if you’re aiming to put your oar in, then

              …I hear it helps if you can find a rhythm

              • the oar is in place. my ship will sail

                Johnny Cash – My Ship Will Sail

                • …is it even rowing if there’s only one oar?

                  bound to get tiring, either way…

                  …better hope you get the mercy seat

                  • I know my soul is heavenly bound

                    Johnny Cash – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

                    • …give my best to Bob when you fetch up, I guess?

                      …after all

                    • do you think We’ll Meet Again?

                      Johnny Cash – We’ll Meet Again

                    • …stranger things have happened at sea?

                    • yes, things like heartbreak

                      Johnny Cash – Sea Of Heartbreak

                    • …beats not coming back…like Winston said…if you’re going through hell…keep going

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