DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Old Music

Hey! Remember Three Dog Night? HA! Here they are, in honor of the fact that we have three dogs again. We got an old, old rescue a couple/three weeks ago. She was listed as a dachshund beagle mix (did I already tell you this? Maybe?) but she’s clearly a Basset mix. Never had a hound of this calibur before, the yodeling is amazing. I’m sure the neighbors just love it at 7 AM when she sees a bunny. 🙂

More cheeryness!

I just loved Joy to the World when I was, I dunno, 9? 12? Something like that. It’s kind of a good kids song really.

Lastly, this isn’t Three Dog Night, but same era and still fun to sing along with. Weird topicallity too, though I prefer not to think about that.

Actually saw them live at a state fair once. No idea how many of the originals were still with them, but they were great.

Hope you had as much fun doing whatever you were doing today as I did digging compost. Got carrots, two types of onions, chives, dill, two types of melons, and something else I can’t remember planted so far. Yippee!!



  1. Congratulations on your 3 dog family! We often take elderly rescues, to the extent that our veterinarian’s staff asked us to take an old fellow whose family wanted him euthanized. We had 3 wonderful years with Frankie. Cheers to you all and your lovely dogs too!

  2. The summer I turned 13 my parents’ accountant insanely had me watch his kids every day from 9-5. His wife had left him and I guess he was desperate. I was home alone with them, a 2 and 6 year old. (They lived around the block from my family so they assumed if the 13 year old babysitter had an emergency she could call her parents?!) Anyhoo, he had a ton of records and all us kids would play records and run around the house. Three Dog Night was one of them, and this was another one we played… a lot…

  3. I absolutely loved Joy to the World as a kid and Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Congrats on the dog!! I had a basset – I adopted her but found out she was a full bred “Hunting” Basset. Absolutely beautiful dog. She would start a howl and the other dogs would join in. Music to my ears:)

  4. Old music and dogs. Let’s see…

    [note: I’ve got a special affinity for musicians who wear turbans who are not from cultures where turbans are normally worn. There were a lot more of them than you’d think.]

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