Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Old School Cool

Good evening, ladies and gents, guys and dolls! Tonight you’re tuned in to station DUAN, home of all the best hits from the 1920s-1960s. So here we go, time to throw it back to the good ol’ days!

Share some tunes you’re crazy about from days gone by. But none of that newfangled sound the teenyboppers call music nowadays. No sir! We want some genuine Real McCoy handy dandy classic tunes! Hopefully something that you can dance to.

Thank you, cool cats of Deadsplinter for swinging by, and have a good night! Drive safe, folks!

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  1. this is a nice mellow way to go about me friday night
    thank you for this topic

  2. Was a ’60s baby, so that’s my decade.
    Four Tops – I’ll Be There


  3. I love a bunch of music from the Good Old Days.  Dinah Washington is probably my favorite female singer, ever:

    Although Ella Fitzgerald is a close second:

    Anyone who remembers Schoolhouse Rock might remember this voice.  Blossom Dearie was a very popular singer in her day:

    For the audiophiles out there, this Frank Sinatra album is the best of them:

    I did a DUAN post for the incomparable Louis Jordan:

    The reason why people will say that the music sounded better back then is because the performances were better.  They didn’t have the luxury of unlimited tracks, pitch correction and the whole arsenal of digital signal processing that we’ve had available to us in recent decades.  One engineer friend of mine said that we became victims of our own success because we could no longer insist on a good performance on tape as the starting point for mixing a track.

    • Love these! And yes, I agree, music really was better back in the day.  So much talent

  4. 1920s 

    Ethel Waters – Shake That Thing



    The Ink Spots – My Prayer



    • These jams are the bee’s knees!

    • oh dangnabbit
      you got there before me twofor
      just proves it hard to resist ella and the ink spots

      • uhh whoops….saw the pic assumed it was the same song
        me a dumb ass

  5. /me goes for a twofer

    its hard to resist ella and the ink spots tho

      • lol…now thats a dangerous thing to say to me lol

  6. might as well go for the threefor then

  7. 1940s

    Louis Jordan – Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby



    Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife


  8. 1960s

    Lou Christie – Lighting Strikes


  9. fourfor!

    i dont know when this came out exactly…but im pretty sure its in the window

  10. 1920-1960 is the era of the Great American Songbook, right up my alley.
    Make it sweet and make it hot.

    Make it swing Tommy Dorsey-style

    Make it cook like nobody’s business

    Make it moan

    • I love Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane – just smooth and beautiful.

  11. Muddy Waters

    A little Howlin Wolf

    Some Miles and Trane to round it out


  12. Some of my guitar heroes were big in the 50’s…



    • Bonus points for you- thematic and Christmas 

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