Deadsplinter Up! All Night: ON BROADWAY

There’s always magic in the air

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a Broadway DUAN night.

Share some of your favorite musical theatre moments.

Keep on being you, Deadsplinter. Thanks for coming around tonight.

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  1. Dream Girls

    Jennifer Holiday – And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going


  2. How about off Broadway.  I’ve wanted to see this sooooo much since I first heard about it.


    • I’d see this. Maybe we can take the Deadsplinter bus. Get a group rate on tickets.

    • I saw it and it was fantastic. It was a workshop production at the Alvin Ailey, so this was quite a while ago.

    • My favorite song from Phantom of the Opera.

    • This WAY off Broadway production thinks like you and me!  I would love to see this production and can’t believe they haven’t done it yet!


  3. having never really seen any theatre,,,beyond higschool level stuff

    ill just use my joker here

    • I’ll go you one better. Here’s an Ethel Merman medley, the Hollywood Palace, 1966, and Fred Astaire joins in. Most of these are Broadway songs.

  4. They should make a musical about the day I met my wife at a bus stop on the #8 Halsted Street route in Chicago.  Man, let me tell you, she made me work for it.  We got on around Fullerton and I had until Harrison Street to close the deal.  I had to do some serious schmoozing to get her to agree to meet me again for lunch.  I’m not one to brag, but I did some of my finest work that day.



    • You write it and the Deadsplinter Repertory Company will perform it. We have the budget for that, right?

      • I call bus driver!

        • Better you than “Black Rod”, every time he’s behind the wheel he runs somebody over.

    • DUDE, they wrote about this A LONG TIME AGO.

  5. When they do eventually make the Broadway show based on my life, I don’t know who I want to play me.  It should be someone with Robert Goulet’s vibrant masculinity and Mandy Patinkin’s expressive countertenor.


    • I prefer this version of Camelot.

  6. Not a musicals or Broadway guy. So theater of sorts.

  7. I can’t stand musicals so consider this an olive branch?

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