Deadsplinter Up! All Night: On Repeat

Happy Monday all!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Did you happen to catch Brandi Carlile on SNL? She’s currently been on repeat in my car.

Jason Isbell’s “Georgia Blue” album is also getting a lot airplay at my house.

What artist or song are you currently obsessed with?



  1. And this!



  2. Still stuck on Dekker. This a newer tune:

  3. obsessed with?

    oh…im far too fickle for that kind of commitment

    but for the minute….eskimo callboy is very much my jam

  4. I don’t know how this happened.


    • I thought it was going to be this 10cc smash hit:

      I now realize they had a pretty narrow range of themes, didn’t they?

  5. I posted this recently but I’ve been listening to it a lot.
    Hamilton Leithauser and Kevin Morby – Virginia Beach

  6. Work last week was stressful, and I turned to a lot of instrumental music to just help pace me through all the schtuff that needed to be done.

    Mogwai – Supposedly, We Were Once Nightmares

  7. I’m usually too busy chasing new sounds to get stuck on any one artist, but here’s a couple who can pretty much do no wrong:


  8. Animal Collective have a new album out and I’m generally enjoying the overall simplicity in what I’ve heard thus far.

    Animal Collective, “Prester John” 

    I’ve shouted them out earlier this month, but I’m still loving B Boys as my post-punk revival background music.

    B Boys, “Walking”

  9. I am stuck on the Stuck on the DUAN Song, which has been up for days. I absolutely loathe “Hey, Soul Sister” and imagine my horror when I was at a wedding and a woman I couldn’t really say no to (bride’s sister) asked me to dance with her to it. It’s actually a pretty easy song to dance to, even “Dad dancers” can get away with it, just kind of sway rhythmically like you’re really stoned. Minimal footwork, tilt head to left while raising (slightly) left shoulder, now the right, and repeat.

    (Makes mental note to bring rollater to every wedding from now on to swat away these kinds of requests, even though I love to dance…)

    • You could just do what I do when I’m roped into dancing at a wedding:  Start vogueing.

  10. Gloomy cold days like today always make me go all bleah so some sad stuff goes on repeat.

  11. Mine isn’t very interesting.  Over the summer I got in the habit of doing farm stuff while listening to dark synth pop,  VNV Nation, Mono Inc, like that.  So my On Repeat playlist is currently full of that nonsense, with George Jones, Brenda Lee and Sigur Rós sprinkled in.

    • Dark synth pop and Brenda Lee while doing farmwork. You are a man of many parts.

    • One of my favorite VNV Nation songs!

  12. According to iTunes, this is the most frequently played song in my library of over 7,000 songs.  I mention the number of songs in the library to explain why this particular tune doesn’t feel like it’s played a whole lot in my memory, but here we are.

    Diana Krall – Devil May Care


    • Do you know the original?  One of my favorite jazz vocalists, a white guy from Kansas no less, Bob Dorough wrote it.  He was so cool he could always sing a microtone flat.  In fact, he was so cool that he is the only vocalist to ever sing on a Miles Davis album.  He is also known for doing Schoolhouse Rock.  That’s how cool he was.

      • I’m a huge Bob Dorough fan, so here’s one of the songs he recorded with Miles.  He even recorded a Christmas song with Miles, which I am saving for a DUAN closer to the holidays.

      • I love Bob Dorough. His schoolhouse rock stuff was what introduced me to Blossom Dearie.

        • Oh, then you know what’s up.

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