Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Open Mic Night

You be you

Do what you wanna do, Go where you wanna go

You been asking for theme-less DUANs, so here you go. I almost changed my mind last night after seeing @farscythe’s excellent free-for-all, but a promise is a promise. It goes against my grain, but I’m nothing if not a giver. You wanna run around crazy playing any sort of music you want like savages? Be my guest. Just wear protection and don’t blame me when all social order has broken down and you’re all running around with dirty britches.

Since themes are out the window this week, I’m just gonna play what came up in my Eternal Playlist of the Spotless Mind today, because who’s gonna stop me? I don’t happen to be a believer, but if anyone could imbue me with the Holy Spirit, it’s Mahalia.

For the record, VNV Nation is excellent music for working around the farm.

And as long as we’re just scratching every itch, I’m always itching for a little doo-wop, so here’s a little something from The Fiestas, out of Newark, New Jersey. You got a problem with that?

So there. I hope you’re happy now. Look at what you’ve made me do. I’ve debased myself in the service of some twisted, “Do Your Own Thing” philosophy. Next week mister, I’m turning this car around and going with a theme, like it or not. Although, now that we’ve rooted around in Pandora’s Box, I might just put these soiled britches back on once in a while, if only to see what you’ve made of your theme-free utopia. Maybe once a month in years starting with the number “2”.

I’m so disturbed by all this wildness in the streets that I’m not even going to THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING DEADSPLINTER AND DUAN. Now excuse me, I’m having the vapors and have to go lie down. And remember, there is no “me” in “us”.



  1. There’s no “I” in “TEAM”, but there is an “M” and an “E”.
    Wasn’t sure which of these to go with, so considering there are no rules here, I decided to go with both.
    Big Sugar – 100 Cigarettes

    Melody Gardot – Sweet Memory


  2. woohooo its friday!
    (uhh…well…it is for me…ran out of work for the week)
    anyways…its good im on me cans or id be facing a neighbour complaint

    (also motley crue will never not be apreciated by me)

  3. Woo hoo! I’m going to use this open mic to promote my home recordings send out a search party for this artist. 
    He was featured in a Fender unsigned artists competition a few years back, released a well-received EP featuring this track, and seemed to be the headlining artist for the small label he was part of….
    But, fast forward 5-6 years, and his social media accounts are gone or set to private, his SoundCloud and Spotify entries are gone (I can still find demo tracks on a ghost SC account, but still not adequate), and no trace of him. The other interesting angle is that there is another UK-based artist of the same name who seems to have a mild social media presence, but it’s definitely not the same guy and the new person’s music is unremarkable electronic soundscapes….meh.
    I’d seriously love to know wtf happened and what he’s up to now.
    Tom Forbes, “Alpha Male”

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