DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Paint It Black

It’s so dark!

It me.

Thank you for playing and thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.



  1. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath…from the album “Black Sabbath”

    Listen to the album version under a good pair of headphones.  This version, not so much.


    • The evil, foreboding sound comes from that dissonant third note.  Taking the 5th note of the major scale and flattening it by a half-step turns it into what’s known as “the devil’s interval.”

      That’s about the extent of my knowledge of music theory.

      • It’s called a tritone and it shows up in a lot of interesting music, including The Simpson’s theme song, Enter Sandman and King Crimson’s Red.

        • I have a friend who is a jazz musician and he wrote a piece that is based entirely on the tritone. Pretty wild.

  2. oo the black album

    that’ll set lemmy off

    ill go with the opposite of black

    • Ha!  I tried to like that album.  Now I just have……………………..opinions.

      • i dont hate it

        now fuel…..

        • The album is so-so.  What did it for me was their attitude toward their hardcore fans who didn’t like it.  Instead of “this is the direction we’re going in and we’re sorry if you aren’t coming with us,” it was “fuck it, we’ve got tons of new fans now, so we don’t need you guys anymore.”  I literally heard Jason say, “Yeah, we sold out………every seat in the house.”

    • Wait……………is that……………Nintendocore?

      • lol…its real close

        mostly id say the prodigy is just what happens when you let a good drummer write edm

  3. Psychic TV – Black Moon


  4. String Cheese Incident – Black & White



  5. Black Diamond Half Moon Run

    Black Diamond Replacements

    Black Diamond Kiss


  6. Hey, I was at this show!


  7. Atari Teenage Riot – Black Flags

  8. One of the wilder TV intros.


  9. I’m reminded of this album cover:

    Spinal Tap, Smell the Glove

    Speaking of black mirrors:

    Arcade Fire, “Black Mirror” 


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