DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Party Like a Russian

Вечеринка Вечеринка Вечеринка

Shit is fucked up, but that’s no reason not to party. Especially if you’re a member of the Russian military, who should definitely be laying down their weapons and partying and not invading and killing Ukrainians. Except for Vladimir Putin, who is not invited to the party but is definitely invited to fuck right off. It’s the beginning of meteorological Spring, which in itself is reason enough to take ‘er up to 75 and blow the carbon out of the fuel injectors. All the tension and anxiety and apprehension requires a mandatory party.

Tonight, I’m springing for the Ketel One and Grey Goose and all the other non-Russian vodkas. You guys bring the music – I’m passing the aux. I want you to put your heart into it too, because who knows how many more opportunities we’ll have? I want everybody either dancing, passed out, puking, or having sex by the end of the night. Maybe more than one of those at once, because there ain’t no party like a Deadsplinter party because a Deadsplinter party don’t stop.

Thank you for coming out for DUAN. I would be doing it even if it was just me here, but it’s so much better with you all. Plus, you can all clearly see that I have shit taste in music, so your participation is especially appreciated.





  2. Bust out Boney M’s moves after you’ve gotten through half a bottle of Ketel One. You can also update the lyrics slightly to “Rat-Putin”.

  3. hehehehe one of those might not have been russian

  4. I’ll have a Vodka Lemonade



    I just hope it’s not a Party At Ground Zero



    • really? that video got age restricted?


      i can only assume its the right to party that youtube has issues with…coz this is fine

      (i kinda assumed the lead in would be enough warning…but nsfw)

      • oh nvm they fixed that….lol


        • hey wait….if theres an age restriction…how come it works just fine on youtube?

          i dont recall it ever asking about my age?

    • How the fuck is this not available in my country? You’re like 2 kilometres away ffs!

      • it was cradle of filth – from the cradle to enslave

        if you were wondering

  5. The Impulse International – Drink or Two

    This showed up in my feed. WTF?

    • welp its a good movie
      anyways….i figure either algorythingie has gone mad…or we are all fucked

      either way… going to bed

      g’nite all

  6. Noize MC — Mercedes S666

    (He’s an anti-Putin Russian hiphop musician



    • You should have carpe’d the diem about a year ago. But I have hopes that one day, like my Downton namesake, I will rid myself of my Tingling Leg and will be shaking it here and abroad. I wish this didn’t entail months and months of false starts and dead ends.

  7. Do you want to party?

    Are you howling?

    You could dance with me.


  8. Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party

    Mother Russia can fuck right off.

    Kasabian – Underdog

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