Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Pet Anthems


Its pretty common to make up songs or change song lyrics to sing to our pets (or our kids). What songs have you shamelessly butchered to be about your dog or cat? Do you croon love songs? Rap it up? Lay on a little bit of country? Does your pet love it or embarrassedly roll their eyes?

Thanks for being you, Deadsplinter. And thanks for supporting DUAN.

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  1. For my late dog Jake…


    • Frankie in his Frankie monster costume is adorable!

    • Frankie was a good boy. His person wanted to euthanize him, and our veterinarian called us to take him in. He was a lover and had nearly four more years with us. I miss Frank.

      • WTF is wrong with people? I’m glad you gave Frankie love and care for his final years.

      • @Elliecoo, you ARE the best!😉😁🤗


        My cousin used to work at a vet clinic, and she, too, ended up re-homing a very good pup (springer spaniel & girl, in their case), when an asshat owner decided that the good doggo could no longer keep up the way he wanted with his pack of duck-hunting dogs, and brought her to that clinic to be put down, because the asshole “didn’t want the expense of feeding a dog that can’t keep up anymore.”


        The Vet got the asshole to sign ownership of the good girl over to her clinic, and my cousin–whose daughter had been begging for a pet (but girl cousin hadn’t wanted to deal with training a puppy, because they were fairly active & on the go back then–and with Daughter getting into sports were only going to get busier as she grew…) checked with her husband,  then brought the good girl home for their daughter.

        That Springer was the perfect dog for them–loved living out on their acreage with the horses, had a late-elementary schooler to play with, and got yo be the only & beloved “dog of the house” in her golden years💖💞💝

        Thanks to You & Keitel, for being “those folks” that the vet can call, to give a home to the good doggos, with asshat owners… even though we know YOU GUYS get the best part of that deal–with a GREAT PUP like your Freddie, and all that fabulous love-bugging😉😁💖

        • @emmerdoesnotrepresentme thank you. It sounds like your family does the same. We adopt the unwanted, elderly, the mill rescue, on purpose. Some of them are better than others, but we try to meet their needs and I always love them. Currently the boys are a challenge because they are full of barks and empty of brains…but I live in hope for improvement. 👍🐕😜

          • Random question with your boys–because I’ve learned over the years, that the same behaviors I’ve learned to manage in my pre-k kids from my college SPED classes have corollaries in pets (that “non-spoken means of communication” thing😉💖)…. have you ever consistently tried getting quieter, when they get loud?

            I ask, because I realized sometime mid-pandemic, that Lily was getting more & more riled up, barky & jumpy, when we saw other dogs, and that *I* was getting louder & louder trying to calm her down…. so I stopped myself from trying to be louder than her, and got quieter–calling her silly & saying in a softer/quieter voice, “Lily, I can see from your tail wagging and how you’re soooo excited, that you juuuuust want to play. But when you do this, you  sound like you’re being a BUTT, and you sound scary, and people don’t like that!”

            And although I’m SURE she doesn’t know exactly what I’m saying, she calms soooooo much faster, because I’m both saying her name, annnnnd saying *words at her,* (in other words, acknowledging her noticing the other dogs😉😄🤣).

            I realized that in a behavioral way, it gives her the feedback/acknowledgement that she’s seeking from me, but in a manner that both puts the other dog owners at ease (they realize she’s just over-excited & not going to attack their dogs), and gets her calmed & walking again soooo much faster than me getting louder with her neeeever did!😉

  2. I sing to Fanny all the time. I make up a lot of songs, adapt others. Most of them are way too embarrassing to admit to in public. This is one I croon to her almost every day.

    Fans the two of us need look no more…

    Ben – Michael Jackson


  3. Ms. Meme would sing this to our Aussie mix, Laika, back in the day. It always goaded the pup into howling.

    Carpenters – Close to You

    • Frankie, memorialized above, always howled to this song:

      I I video’d it and sent it to the band and they posted it on Facebook (years ago). Frankie was famous!

  4. candy candy candy i cant get let you go!

    • welp…there was sposed to be a pic of candy included….but pics seem to be borked at mo

      anyways…candy has decided im her human…so…i guess that makes her my cat?

  5. When we had a parrot she would sing like this bird when I would play guitar or play the stereo loud.

    • That would’ve been awesome to have your own Tico. I love these videos so much, I bought the fam Tico and the Man t shirts and we all have a coozie/koozie?

  6. When we walk around the farm, I like to sing this one to Sara, our 115 lb Bulgarian Karakachan, hug-bunny, and fearless protector of sheep.  She seems to think I have a beautiful voice.  I don’t have to change any of the lyrics, but I do anyway.


    • I know you all want to see a picture of Sara, so here you go.  In the photo, she is being tickled by my wife.  The reason she’s on a lead is because there were a lot of vehicles around the barn for shearing and she would have gotten caught up with them when she heard the sheep start baa-ing.  By the way, her lead is the thickest coated steel cable we could find at Tractor Supply, and she could still snap that thing like it was nothing if she really wanted.  She is very strong.


      • She’s a beautiful girl ❤️

      • @LuigiVuoto please give that smart beautiful girl some belly rubs from me (the doggo; what you do with your smart, beautiful, wife is private. )

  7. We have a dog named Millicent VanAwesomedawg – Milly for short – I sing this to her all the time.


    And, to Buddy our hound dog – although he does not cry all the time.



    • Milly

      Buddy Boo

      • Sorry – the pics are so big.

        • @Lymond, not “so big,” they’re just “perfectly sized for viewing on Mobile!”😉


          Yours are the first pics in the thread that I don’t need to zoom in on, or turn my phone screen sideways, to easily see your pup’s adorable face!!🤗😃😁💖)

          (Fwiw, I’m on a Samsung phone, and using Chrome😉)

      • @Lymond Milly and Buddy are the finest of dogs! Thank you for sharing.

    • We will all see more of Milly at Noon tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  8. I said ruhri? She sez wot?! I said ruhri! She sez wot?! I said ruhri! She sez WOT U WANT?!

    When the toy’s out, my girl’s dangerous
    Got a fun mouse, and she’s playin’
    She gets stoopid, and she chases
    It all around, Laleh’s playin’!
    Hey Lal, Hey Lal, Hey Lal-Lal-Laoowwwll…

    • I’ll hear both of these now every time I see your girls, lol.

      • Also this.

    • Finally a version of this song I can tolerate!

      • I assume you mean the Nirvana song, which is perfect for her, being a bit of a grumblepuss.

  9. Since my family had doxies, this became their theme.

  10. I can’t sing…anyone who has heard me speak by covering up my real voice with my “oh shit people need to actually be able to hear me” attempt at a higher pitched voice knows I am tone deaf…and anyone who has heard my real voice – or lackthereof – would scoff at the idea of me singing.

  11. I end up with preschool songs stuck in my head, alllllll the time

    So early in the pandemic, when I was in the classroom of one of the teachers I first para’ed for, I ended up singing “Oh Hey, Oh HI, Hello!” to Lily most mornings;

    And these ones are the ones that get stuck in my noggin, and that I wake up singing most mornings lately (although the song i woke up with s couple days ago was East Bound & Down!🤣);


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