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Yesterday we had Pet Shop Boys, tonight it is just pets.  These pics are of my boy Jake. They say dogs resemble their owners or vice versa which is often true: My dog doesn’t look like me but certainly does act like me.  He is lazy but has to work to get comfortable.  He loves hoppy beer, enjoys a good massage from my wife, doesn’t drink from the toilet or shit on the carpet (all things we mostly have in common!)  He also knows exactly what he can get away with (much better than I do) but we love him anyway.  With all the bad shit we have to put up with these days, sometimes I get a little jealous of the simple life he has and the pure joy the little things still bring him.  So give me your pet songs, pics, stories, etc.  I’m here for all the virtual belly rubs I can get!  I’ll get you started with 3 genres of great dog songs!



    • This is the first song I thought of when I read the post, but like any country songs I remember from my childhood, I have to read the lyrics before posting because…BECAUSE. This one passed, but not without my scepticism.

  1. Bless everyone who takes the time (and a big piece of their hearts!) to take in unwanted pets and keeps them, or tries to place them in loving homes. These poor creatures are helpless and they rely on us, so thank you!

  2. We have 4 puppy mill rescues. Emma, Violet, Bruce, and Bill.
    I heard this song today and remembered how much I liked it – not dog related. Dog photos to follow.

  3. Here’s a special song, just for the dogs.
    Alestorm – Fucked with an Anchor (for Dogs!)

    If you don’t speak dog, here’s the significantly swearier version.

  4. Jake is a handsome boy!
    I’m very sad. I can’t post my pup Fanny’s pic even though I reduced it to below 1MB. She’s a Bloodhound/Coonhound mix and the neediest dog I’ve ever had. She can’t stand being away from me. I tried taking her to day care but every time I checked the web cam she was standing up with her paws on the window looking for me. She wants constant attention, is willful, demanding, disobedient, and spoiled. I love her so much! I wish you could see her because she’s freaking adorable.
    Her name came from this song
    The Band – The Weight

    But I’m legally obligated to sing this to her on a regular basis.

  5. I had a dog growing up, but she passed awhile back and I haven’t had any pets since. I’ve lived with roommates who had dogs, but it wasn’t the same as having a pet of your own.

    boygenius — Me & My Dog

  6. Well, y’all know my favorite butthead of a (now gone) big ‘ol Orangeboi– my avatar is a former roommate’s cat,who I helped raise from kittenhood (and who i ended up inadvertantly naming),

    His name was Piglet (his other names were: PigPig; Petey-petey-pain-in-the-ass, or Peta for short; and he was also known to go by the name “Bubbe” because he would scold at you, like a crabby-but-loving grandmother😉)

    But the pet that started out as hers, who became mine (and who I *also* helped raise) when the puppo was two, and roommie could no longer afford two dogs is my Lily.

    She’ll turn 11 in April, and she’s DEFINITELY *my* dog. Not that there was ANY doubt of that before, since we both have Anxiety, she’s got OCD/I have ADHD & Autistic Tendencies, and as of last summer, we are *both* now diabetics too!😄😆🤣

    She’s a black Lab, and a VERY good girl. She’s an asshole lately to other dogs, but she ADORES people.

    I got a 404, so I’m guessing my pic is too big, I’ll try again once I get home 😉

      • Piglet was an EXCELLENT friend on the cartoon, and once Pigpig got over his anger at his domicile being corrupted, *he* made a great friend, too💖

        He got his name, ‘cuz Roommie was thinking “Tigger” (the obvious choice, for a bouncy Orangeboi kitten😉), but while we were talking about his name, he curled up in my hands and fell asleep with his front paws crossed over each other *just like Piglet* when he worried about… everything!😆🤣

        So I said,”Whaddabout Piglet, I mean, LOOK at him–the way he crosses those paws🤭🥰” And she said, “YESSSSSS!!!” So his name stuck.

        And I think she also liked that name, because our third roommate was insistent that he HAD to have a “distinguished cat-like name!”

        She was suggesting Shakespearean names, old-English sounding ones, and just generally *fancy* ones. Which annoyed owner-roommie, so she decided “the awful cartoon name” fit best😄😆🤣

        • …Piglet(s) is(are?) the best…& Tigger almost seems more like a state all cats are in at some point more than a name?

          …but I once used to know a cat by the name of Loki…&…well…let’s just say names can be *too* suitable sometimes?

        • The roommate annoyance factor was how a dog that belonged to an ex girlfriend got named. She and I were sharing a place with another guy and she had just gotten a flat coated retriever puppy but hadn’t named him yet. My ex and the other roommate got into an argument over the name of the father in Steel Magnolias. Finally my ex said that she was right and to prove it she’d name the dog Drum so he had to hear his wrongness every day. Terrible name for a dog so I just called him Poopy Head. He seemed to like that better.

      • Sorry, Elliecoo, I can’t figure out how to size down my pictures🙃. I don’t seem to have an option to do it in my phone’s editing, and haven’t had a chance to figure it out over the last couple days, yet!

        • I imagine it might be different on an iPhone but if I open an image taken with the camera on my phone in the systems photo editor there’s an export option…if I set the width to 600pixels & the quality to around 90% it brings the file size down low enough that I think it would post?

          • Mine’s a Samsung/Android phone (S9)… I think I used to be able to resize, but I seem to have lost it without noticing in one of the updates?

            • Kinda similar to the way they’ve made it a lot trickier to get into the sections of your phone that delete cookies as updates happen.

            • …not sure about Samsung but for me if I open the image in “photos” (the google app) there’s an icon like a set of sliders (horizontal lines with dots at different points on them)…if I click that & then a grid of squares for another context menu I get an option to “open in photo editor”?

              …that has the export function I was talking about

              …imagine there’s probably a freebie editor available in their play store if there isn’t one already on the phone?

              …the cookie thing is an SoB, though…haven’t figured that out since mine updated last week?

              …on the upside dark mode works with more stuff, I guess…so…umm…yay?

        • you don’t HAVE to resize and/or reduce the quality of the picture. you can go to , upload the picture there, get the URL, and post it here or anywhere you like. the advantage of uploading it in your post, is that it will be displayed in your post. but if you have a big pic getting it under 64kb can be impossible. posting a link to it is fine

      • I haven’t had time to get the editing thing figured out (or download the Google photos app), but I DID switch put my avatar pic to her,so that works for now😉😁

  7. in my next life i want to be a cat
    (also i was going to go with everybody wants to be a cat but i figure just mentioning it should be enough to put it in everyones head)

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