Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Playing Doctor!

Two kids a boy and girl dressed playing doctor. On a white background.

Anybody want to play doctor?  What are your symptoms?  Do you have a diagnosis or need help from your fellow DUANers?  Are you going to self-medicate or need us to give you a prescription?  You can post songs in any of those three, ask for help, or go for the trifecta!

I’ve got a bunch of symptoms…

But, I’m just looking for a Cure for Pain…

I’m self-prescribing Psychopharmacology…

Thanks for playing doctor with me tonight and as always, thanks for your support of DUAN & Deadsplinter. We will get over this illness eventually.



  1. i dont really have symptoms…least nothing i dont consider to be just normal after over 20 years of smoking…
    really…i mostly just need some novocaine for the soul….before i sputter out


    • Gahhh! I just posted the same thing below. Oh well, I suppose we’ll be extra comatose and blissfully numb today.

  2. Doctors, schmoctors: 
    Casey Dienel, “Doctor Monroe”

    And the metaphysical anaesthetic to numb the pain: 
    The Eels, “Novocaine for the Soul”

    • I almost posted the same song from The Eels.  You, me, and farscythe could have had a trifecta.

      • Ding ding ding! Our group prize is more novocaine for the soul. I’m definitely going to sputter out.

  3. I went down to the doctor

    and this is the prescription he gave me

    • welp…its a different genre entirely…but with a title like milk and alcohol…i couldnt help but be reminded of this

    • Those are two great ones!  Perfect cure!

  4. I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones

  5. …playing doctor, you say

    …actually a prescription might be good about now?

  6. Last week I was looking up videos of this band b/c I realized that while I’d heard the name for years, I didn’t know much about them and hadn’t really heard them.  Tonight the guitar player with the flag bandana is a “person of interest” in the invasion of the Capitol.

    • and this is why i rarely bother finding out too much about musicians i like….too many i like turn out to be douchebags..
      far as music goes…i figure ignorance is bliss
      (far as iced earth goes…eh they were pretty okay..them getting together with blind guardian to form demons and wizards was a hell of a thing tho)

      • There is so much out there to listen to.  When they turn out to be douchebags, that just helps to cull the herd.

  7. Perhaps I could use some Handshake Drugs..


  8. It was an emergency so I went to see Doctor Ring Ding 

    The Skatalites



     He said Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine

    The White Stripes



  9. YOU are the perfect drug: 
    NIN, “The Perfect Drug”

  10. Me, right now:

  11. I’m Sick in Love.

    I need to call Dr. Feelgood because Love is a Serious Business.


    • I love the Spin Doctors, way underrated band & was sad when Chris blew out his voice.  They were killer live!


        • Whoops. I forgot which platform I was using. Here’s the photo: Alexi Lalas

          • Nice!  

      • I loved that album, and it was one of the first CDs I owned.

        I’m also a little too young to have caught them in their prime in concert, but I can imagine my mind being blown going to a show in NYC and seeing them and Blues Traveler at a club in the early ’90s.

  12. Michael Penn – Seen the Doctor

    The Verve – The Drugs Won’t Work


    • Guh, “Don’t”, not “Won’t”. 

  13. The Raveonettes – “D.R.U.G.S.”

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