Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Pleasure and/or Pain

What's your pleasure? What's your pain?

when those gummies hit

Pleasure is good. Pain is usually bad, but sometimes pain is good. Pleasure might be bad sometimes, but no examples come to mind.

Thanks everyone for coming out for DUAN tonight and for supporting Deadsplinter, but let’s be real: what else you got to do? LOVE YOU ALL.



  1. ill go with both

    i think it was that song that made me think maybe there was a little more to sum 41 than just another skater punk band….and thats whilst i still hated them…lol
    but i guess if i had to pick one of them….ill side with pleasure

  2. oh but also…to answer the question of whats my pleasure or pain..
    my pleasure is fresh rustic bread…i get a loaf twice a week…
    my pain is….people not fucking shutting the breadbin and letting it go hard
    17 years…and still they no comprende bread bins dont work if you dont close em
    guess i shouldnt expect better from people raised on shitty frozen english whitebread

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