Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Pop Music For Pop People

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Someone was gonna, might  as well be me

    M – Pop Muzik



  2. Pop -NSYNC  (I should have my music posting privileges revoked…first Nickelback then this)

    • I’d always assumed the title of this song was “Dirty Pop”. It’s easy to miss details like this from the pre-streaming age when you also don’t like boy bands and are trying to avoid them. [I think I’m aware of this track at all because Jack danced to it during an episode of Will & Grace.]

      • Haha I did too! I searched for “dirty pop” and was corrected.

  3. Nirvana – Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter


  4. Maybe someone can tell me how to make this embed?
    I had a good one for twinsies but…

    • leave a line break between the pasted link and your text

  5. When I’m popping (and/or locking) this is the music I like to play.  In fact, just this afternoon I got into a “You got served”-style dance off on the streets of NYC.  

  6. I give you French pop, Tahiti 80 -Heartbeat

    and one of my favorite Mexican bands, Plastilina Mosh –  Pervert Pop Song

  7. Retro Pop


  8. Jon Mellencamp – “Pop Singer”

  9. Definitely non-pop offerings from The Pop Group. 
    The Pop Group, “3:38” 

    Also, even the biggest indie snob [Looks around. Who me?] can admit Swedish chart pop is sublime. 
    The Knife, “Heartbeats” 

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