Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Power

Thanks for coming around.



  1. first!
    (been a while since ive done that…. im young and annoying again!)

    • I am envious of your fp.

      • aaah… welp..thats as good as it gets
        i can die happy now 🙂

    • Why don’t people wear huge clocks around their necks anymore? That’s what I’d like to know.

      • I’m old school, so I wear a sundial around my neck.

  2. What is Hip by…. who else could it be

  3. Night Beats Power Child


  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “The Power of Equality”

  5. Tears for Fears – they believe in love power

  6. C’mon now. It was right there

    • Line dances! This doesn’t count though. Awkward white people, albeit pretty good dancers. Did you ever go to a predominantly Black wedding maybe like a decade or more ago? Three-year-olds, 73-year-olds, they could all do this with the precision of a Rockettes kick line. I was once at a cookout with Better Half where most of the guests were Black and the host said, “Everyone take your shoes off.” We were on a lawn so I thought, “Why not? Maybe this is some sort of game.” No. He put on “The Electric Slide” and it was like a performance of the Solid Gold dancers.

      • I work for a company that has about 250 employees and they regularly have company parties. They’ve also got a house band comprised of employees. The former drummer was Black. As our parties wore on, he’d have a few drinks, and at the end he would dance. All the white people would slink away. It would pretty much end the party right there. He moved to the Netherlands about 3 years ago. It’s never been the same since.. 

  7. Oh, synonyms now? OK. . . .
    Eddy Grant – “Electric Avenue”

    • Did you know that there is a real Electric Avenue? It’s in Brixton, in London. That’s where this song takes its inspiration from.

  8. Stay with me on this one: 
    My physics teacher when I was a kid was a loveable dork and dorkably lovely. He used to sing all sorts of pop song parodies to help us remember physics lessons, including this one. So whilst my parents might refer to this tune as “TCB”, I remember it as “Power”, because–as my physics teacher insisted–the lyrics are 🎵🎵Takin’ care of business, POWER!!!🎵🎵 
    …and that, ladies and gentlemen and non-binary folks, is how to this day I remember the physics equation P = W / t, or Power = Work / time
    Or rather, 🎵🎵Takin’ care of business, Working overtime 🎵🎵 
    🎵🎵Takin’ care of business, Working / time 🎵🎵 
    🎵🎵Takin’ care of business, POWER 🎵🎵 

    • That … is fucking awesome. I thought I was impressive for knowing every single Schoolhouse Rock, but there’s a lot of my generation that can do that. 

      • @bryanlsplinter  Here’s another of his gems. 
        🎵🎵Copper-and-zinc alloy monkey, that funky monkey 🎵🎵 


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