DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Pretty Lights

A little EDM to set the mood

I know this is really lame, but I was listening to the Marketplace podcast today and heard this song. I know nothing about it, but liked it and looked it up. It’s called Finally Moving by Pretty Lights and is from 2006. Listening to their other songs, I found a more recent one called Rainbows and Waterfalls – which is a delightful version of one of my fave songs – Strawberry Letter 23.

So, DS peeps – what are some gems you’ve found searching for other music? Thanks for your continued support of DUAN and DS!



  1. wooo i love this local and his 99 lights

    gimme a minute for the shit i found i wasnt looking for tho…..coz….thats a lot
    like…..i could fill a library with that

    • like this….did i now i wanted to see it? no
      but i did

      • and this

        • (ill be quiet now)

  2. I like the pretty lights too.

    As far as music I’ve discovered while searching for something else, here’s a song that has become my personal anthem from Little Johnny Jones:


  3. This is what popped into my head…


  4. The Bright Lights of Broadway. Those magical Disco Lights. And it all came together…

  5. I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, in a bittersweet way. Each of these songs reminds me of a couple of people I used to know. 

    Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light


    Jorma Kaukonen – I Am The Light Of This World


  6. This is a bit of a reach for today’s theme…

  7. Magazine- The Light Pours Out Of Me

    Rando stuff

    The Tubes – Primetime


  8. Ha, don’t feel badly, @Lymond. I similarly “discovered” this band whilst listening to the transition music during Q on the CBC. 
    Toronto, “Your Daddy Don’t Know” 

    And then I came to this song whilst tracking down the original King Harvest track (later covered by Toploader) of the same name: 
    Thin Lizzy, “Dancing in the Moonlight” 

    And then I often run into this original before I finally committed to memory the name of the Beta Band track (“Squares”) that memorably samples it. 
    Wallace Collection, “Daydream” 

    • On the theme of lights, I’m also partial to this one: 
      Jens Lekman, “You Are the Light” 

    • In 2009/2010 I had to drive from Vancouver to Whistler once a week so I’d listen to Q along the ride up the sea-to-sky highway. I always thought Jian Ghomeshi sounded like a creep with his soft-spoken voice and his sucking up to certain guests…little did I know…

      • He did always seem like a creep (his interview with Kim Cattrall was uncomfortable to watch). I’ll also never forgive him for Moxy Früvous. 😋

  9. Michael Kiwanuka, Light:


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