Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Random-Ass Music


Daddy needs a new playlist

So, @farscythe gave me the idea for tonight’s DUAN, so if you don’t like it, you can call the Deadsplinter customer service 800 number and blame him. But prepare yourself, because the hold music over there is just some lo-fi band covering Styx’s Greatest Hits.

You know those Twitter memes where they tell you to post the last three pictures you took with your phone? Well, this DUAN is like that, except I don’t care what the last three songs you listened to, because I’m already neurotic enough. You play what comes to mind.

Which reminds me, it occurs to me that I’m probably one of the oldest Deadsplinterers, and I also have some pretty random-ass taste in music. That means besides the fact that I’m not very good at discerning good stuff from shit, I don’t really hear era or genre any more. Music is music to me. But that also means you guys are lucky to have me here, because without me emptying my dusty old moth-ridden crates of tunes here, you Zoomers would just be tic-tocking Imagine Dragons videos at each other or some shit. (And what kind of name is The Imagine Dragons anyway? It sounds like it that came out of a random band name generator.) But I do really love each and every one of you because when it comes down to it, we’re just humans on the same life-raft of life, except I came out of university without owing any money besides to a certain drug dealer named Angel in Morningside Park over by 116th Street.

Alright, alright…so I digress. But in my defense, I think this peach-infused kombucha my wife made has got me a little loopy. It’s hot as hell over here and I’ve been guzzling this crap since about 10am. So hey, thanks for coming out tonight for this DUAN. It works when you work it. [And seriously, I have nothing but the highest regard for your collective musical taste, mostly. I was just taking the piss with that Imagine Dragons crack.]



      • Someday, I’ll tell the story of when I took a friend’s 13 and 8 year olds to a Faith No More concert (they were the kids’ favorite at the time).  She entrusted me with them and about 40 minutes into the show, I looked down and noticed the 8 year old wasn’t next to me.  When I looked up, he was standing on stage rocking out with Mike Patton.  I planned on not  mentioning that to the mom, but when I brought them home, the kid started bragging about how he stage-dived.  I had not heard of FNM until that night, and I didn’t have a half-bad time at the show. 

  1. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to post Gary Numan. 
    Gary Numan, “Random” 

    While nostalgia watching Sean Lock clips (RIP, fella) over the weekend, I was reminded of this random cover from the Dexy’s Midnight Runners frontman. 
    Kevin Rowland, “Concrete and Clay” 

    And speaking of Gen Z and the musics of today’s yoof, here’s a random song Spotify recommended to me (with a random riff on a classic line from Mean Girls). I like it, but it’s so weird and random (which is also why I like it). 
    Wet Leg, “Chaise Longue” 

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