Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Replaced By Robots

What do you think you’ll be in five years time?



  1. I hope I am a robot in 5 years. Then I won’t have to worry about catching these early winter colds I get every year.

    Devo – Mechanical Man

  2. I’m terrified of robots after watching this but not as much as my friend Carl.

  3. I am currently debating whether or not to start working on a PhD, so there’s that. Happy Thanksgiving, all. Enjoy some old Björk!

    • Exciting, I’m sure we will figure it out if you never post again cause you are too busy. I should brush up on Bjork, I’m heading to Iceland in a few months & have been talking her up to my daughter. Seattle does an exchange program music festival w/ them either a week before or after we are there but I may try to take her to some live music while we are there as she is now 18.

  4. Is DUAN dead?

    • we are currently under construction…we are revamping and will be back in FULL FORCE soon!

        • we are revamping this site and making it BIG AGAIN…give me a couple days and you will be posting duan FOR SURE with new instructions re: categorising and tagging. sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    • No. Gonna get back on the horse when the renovations are finished, so by Thursday at the latest.

  5. feel free to dm me here or on the discord server for more info

  6. Keitel has my vote for DUAN keeper!

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