Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Revenge of the Musicals

Omigod you guys!

They lent me the keys to the DUAN and I’m not giving away…


Because I’ll be…

I’ve got no worries…

Even if you hate musicals…


Thanks for your continued support of Deadsplinter!



  1. Thank you Ms.McGee!
    Spring Awakening is one of my favorite musicals.
    There are times when you are totally fucked:

    And times when life is a bitch:

    But the best part about it is that the music was all written by Duncan Sheik of late 1990’s softer rock music fame. I always liked this song:

    Hooray for musicals!!!

  2. …I don’t think of myself as a fan of musicals…but it turns out kind of a lot of options sprang to mind

    …a fair few I think mostly reflect my mother’s taste in movies when I was a kid so those would more than date me…for some reason, though, this one sort of floated to the top

  3. I’m a big musical fan. Probably because my mom insisted that all of us take piano and two of my sisters majored in music. So I got exposed to a LOT. Plus my wife and I met doing theater in college, so it’s a shared interest.
    I wanted to watch Hamilton this weekend (I saw it on stage in Chicago) but fell asleep after an hour (just fatigue — I don’t hate it or anything, though I don’t think it’s nearly as wonderful as my teenage daughter does). I’m going to have another go at it when I’m not quite so tired. Big takeaway: Lin Manuel Miranda is really not a terribly accomplished singer, particularly when placed side-by-side with Leslie Odom, Jr., who is incredible.
    We sat down a few weeks ago and watched the Royal Albert Hall performance of Cats, which I think is a perfectly dreadful show, to prepare ourselves for the movie, which is unbelievably worse. I beg of you, spare yourselves. To be fair to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, though, Phantom of the Opera is one of my all-time favorites. It’s the first musical I ever bought the soundtrack to. 

    • …it seems kind of churlish to say so when he wrote pretty much all of the thing but I kind of know what you mean about Lin Manuel Miranda?

      …I don’t know if you’ve seen any clips of performances where someone else played the part but if I’m honest the ones I’ve seen had me thinking something similar if I’m honest…it’s not that he’s bad or anything so much as the rest of the cast (&/or the other people who’ve played the role) are just better…or at least that was my take since I know damn well I wouldn’t be able to do nearly as well as he did, let alone write the damn thing

      • I know, but just because you’re clever and creative doesn’t mean you’re great at everything. The thing about singing is that eventually, no matter how much you know or how much you understand music or how much you know about technique, it comes down to your actual voice. And there are people who have much better voices than other people. This is fact and most professionals know it. If you asked Miranda, I have no doubt he’d admit it.
        Miranda isn’t bad, by any stretch. But he’s not as good as the guy I saw in Chicago, and he’s not as good as Odom. Or most of the rest of the cast, actually. But singing is only part of the performance, and he delivers fine on that.

  4. Was going to post Blues Brothers , but I am glad that it has already been confirmed as the best musical ever. Of all time. Amen.
    Sarcasm aside, I am quite fond of Once on This Island and the original production of Into The Woods; the one featuring Bernadette Peters.
    I blame my exposure to theater on my so-called ‘gifted’ class elementary teacher who was also the leader of the local theater production for the very rural SW Ohio farming town I grew up in. Looking back, he tried his damndest to expose the handful of students he had to arts and culture and the world at large. 
    Thanks Mr. H.

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