Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Revolutionary Words

Rise Up, Fight For Your Country, Freedom, Democracy

What a long strange year it has been.  When I watched the events of that day one year ago unfold I was torn between thinking this was the end of Trump and the end of democracy.  A year later & I am still questioning if we are at the end of democracy.  This song really hits home today, hard to believe it was released in 1986. I encourage you to listen carefully to the words of the great Mutabaruka! Revolutionary Words (have become entertainment)

It still amazes me that the lies of a dullard and his evil fanboys could inspire an Uprising!

Talk about unfortunate timing, this song came out exactly one year ago…

I’ve heard pundits say we should celebrate today as “Democracy Day”, the day our democracy was saved by a few brave police & politicians. I’ve also heard it should be a day of mourning for almost losing our country. With all the other shit going on, I’m just going to celebrate that I am Alive Today.

Have a great night & thanks for your support.



  1. I haven’t heard that Mutabaruka song in a long time.

    Neil Young wrote this about Charles Manson but I think it applies to a lot of the insurrectionists with their delusions of grandeur, violent tendencies, and the GOP who has manipulated their willfully ignorant supporters.

    Revolution Blues



  2. I’m going to go with the last bit of the intro: celebrating that several people are still alive (I’m neutral on whether I count myself amongst that party). Random note: I often forget this song was in Xanadu, because I mostly listened to it via an ELO album I had at home for several years.

    ELO, “I’m Alive” 

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