Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly

Thanks for sticking around Deadsplinter, folks. Show them your love.

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  1. If I can come up with something, I try to post a song that the OP reminds me of. Not entirely proud of this one, but….
    CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Beings

    • Those CKY and CKY2K videos that Bam Margera and the proto-Jackass guys put out hit me at a very particular time in my teenage years. This is very nostalgic for me, thanks.

  2. Ass Ponys – Butterfly

    • While I dont know their music well, pretty sure I saw them a few times in the early ’90s at the Daily Double in Akron, OH.
      thanks for providing my listening today!

      • Probably my favorite band I KNOW is from Ohio. The Lohio album is amazing.

  3. Guy Wathelet – Some People Said

    Excellent Belgian garage rock.

    • The Blacksmiths loved the playlist. I really liked Dando Shaft. Here is one my wife made for you.

      • Excellent. Thanks!
        Glad you enjoyed it. I couldn’t find one of my favorite Dando Shaft songs unfortunately, so here it is.

  4. “No one is here to be a dick” – Rich Robinson

    And with that, it was announced that the impossible has happened! The brothers Robinson have put aside their life-long grudge and The Black Crowes are getting back together to tour and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their “Shake Your Money Maker” album.
    This makes me so happy and I’m already trying to secure tickets for the Spring!

  5. How about some classic Smashing Pumpkins?

    It sure beats anything butterfly related from Crazy Town or Mariah Carey.

    • +1 for Smashing Pumpkins
      -1 for the Crazy Town ear worm

      • I’ll -1 myself for even throwing Crazy Town out there.

    • +1, I’ve been digging this band recently, great post!

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