Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Rotation

New music from the band Actors dropped the other week. It has been on repeat since then.

Also a new e.p. is out from the band Spiritual Cramp.

What is in your ear now?

Thanks for coming around.



  1. This was playing in my local bank branch vestibule earlier today. It has been in my head ever since. I really love this song, and its sentiments, and the singer (what little I know of her) but I’d be happy to move on if I could by passing it to all of you:

  2. Interesting stuff indeed. The tracks off the ACTORS sound like the Coldwave mini-genre mixed with a bit of The Kills, The Handsome Furs, and…possibly I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness. Intriguing and I’ll give the rest of the album a listen, too.

    I found myself spending the last week or so (in perhaps overly-cautious but better-safe-than-sorry home quarantine whilst I waited for multiple negative test results) listening to the various versions of the cast recordings/songbooks of Hadestown. It started as a collection of songs by folk musician Anaïs Mitchell, going from fringe performances and workshops, to an off-Broadway run at the New York Theatre Workshop, and then to Broadway, where it won the Tony for Best New Musical in 2019. It, along with many other B’way productions, recently reopened.

    There are wonderful qualities and many things to like about each album version (in general, the NYTW version is more folk-traditional sounding, whereas the Broadway cast recording is heavily infused with lively jazz updates. My overall ruling is that the NYTW version is better album listening and I love Orpheus’s voice a bit more in that version, but the B’way version has the terrific Amber Gray, Eva Noblezada, and André De Shields, plus its revisions work better for a play staging and storytelling purposes. By all means, listen to everything you can get your hands on–it’s that engrossing!

    Damon Daunno, “Epic II” (Orpheus in the NYTW production–best Buckley-esque falsetto on Broadway, though Reeve Carney from the B’way production also possesses a beautiful Buckley-esque quality and is playing Jeff in an upcoming biopic)

    The Broadway cast of Hadestown, “Wait For Me” (Saturday Sessions)

    The Broadway cast of Hadestown, “Way Down Hadestown” (I’m including cabaret/lounge versions as well as a staged version to show how well many of the songs adapt from “musical theatre” to jazz club settings.)

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