Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Royal Assent

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  1. Lettuce – Royal Highness


  2. eh…..

    yeah….fuck him and his sausage fingers


    i do not see what use the royals are nowadays beyond pr….and fuck that shit


    dont need em….they should get real jobs and stop being a fucking drain on society

    • Off to the Tower of London with you! Or at least Newgate. Or plead insanity and maybe his Most Gracious Majesty would consent to send you to Bedlam.

      • yeah…nah

        sorry  you are going to have to kill me to change my mind

  3. And I don’t like Burger King.

  4. …well…you got your kings

    …your other kings

    …your kings of kings

    …after a while

    …you seen one…yadda yadda?


  5. The only just and righteous king:

  6. i just remembered king is like a part of fucking hardcore

    its like right in the fuc part

  7. King Charles – Out Of My Mind

  8. Let me counter all this misguided Republican (anti-Monarchist, not antediluvial, like in America) nonsense with:

    And won’t you stand and please join me while we sing:

    Yikes! Newsmax! There was a time when American Republicans would have not put up with monarchical sentiment from abroad nor anything coming out of Moscow or Beijing (Peking as it was known) but those days have passed.

    And finally, here’s a nice pandemic-era Zoom-ified very British performance of “Land of Hope and Glory.” You know what I think got them through the pandemic? Their faith in God (sort of, in a squishy C of E way; who knows how the others coped) and their Benevolent Monarch, QEII:

    • Edit: This morning, I was so overcome when the Coronation was over, and it was so early, and I was so “knackered” from last night’s Cinco de Mayo Margarita Mania (the mania was mine alone, I’m afraid), that I had to boot the Faithful Hound off the psychiatrist couch and have a lie-down in the living room.

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