Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Saturday Night Dance Party!

I love to dance!

Like, I really love to!

Share with us what makes you boogie!



  1. Bakermat

    Hi Tragically Chic!!!

  2. Off the top of my head the only song that makes me move (but not dance) is None Shall Pass by Aesop Rock…it’s impossible for my head to not bob whilst it plays:

  3. …when it comes to the dancing…there are likely monkeys better than me

    …guess I’m just part of a no good generation

    …I guess it’s just the way

    …oh, well?

  4. That said, I kind of agree with @keitelblacksmith on Billy Jean…and…as I’ve previously mentioned…this song makes this guy with two left feet freestyle…and it’s definitely more embarrassing than how you might be picturing it?


    • IIRC which I do because I remember it vividly…the last time I brought this up @matthewcrawley promised to teach me how to actually dance to it?

      • Was it that one? It’s kind of jazzy and jitterbuggy. I thought we were going to start with the box step and move on to two of my favorite dances, the cha cha and the twist:

        • Right you are…but that resulted from my admission as it pertained to the Midnight in Moscow song. And I’m pretty sure tango was mentioned in that exchange?

  5. Sean Paul imprinted on me in my formative clubbing years…

    • I’m dancing to your Sean Paul right now! We likely share the same timeline.

  6. oh man…. been a while since ive heard s&m…now its stuck in my head again

    thats not a bad thing

    also wierdly enough….as i opened up youtube to go find my entry…..this one was on the front page

    seemed a waste to ignore that coincidence

    anyways as im clearly missing the point today…have you heard our eurovision winners latest song?

    i….really like it….

  7. Far, far too many, so for this comment I’ll restrict myself to 80s dance songs with novelty dances attached:

    Speaking of the B-52s:

      • I saw her tour to that album, it was excellent.

        • I’m going to see her again in May! Last time I saw her was in the 90’s!

  8. Zara Larsson – Can’t Tame Her


  9. Did you say Dance party?

    and you ever get a chance to see our neighbors to the north live, they put on a hell of a funky dance party!!!

  10. but you know…far as dancing goes…this is my comfort zone

    lets just say im all about expression over skill

    (its nicer than saying im the worlds shittiest dancer)

    • …can never hear that one without being reminded of the time a friend invited me to a gig by a guy whose name seemed vaguely familiar but I didn’t think I knew any tunes by

      …no disrespect intended to lee scratch perry…but it turned out I knew a lot more songs by max romeo than I knew I knew?

  11. How has no one posted this yet?

  12. OutKast – “Hey Ya!” (Peanuts version)

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