Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Schlock

I hope all of you survived Friday the 13th. One of the first things that came to mind was a silly movie from 1981 called Saturday the 14th. It is amazing all of the useless information I have stored in my brain.

I started thinking about all the goofball movies we used to rent from the local video store. Here is another one that came to mind called Eating Raoul.

This is anything goes. Feel free to post movie clips, songs, or whatever else comes to mind. On your mark, get set, @farscythe.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. I’m gonna move to Montana and be a dental floss tycoon:


  2. ooo know i have to!

      • added to playlist
        thanks mate you come up with the best stuff

      • well fuck

        that work?
        its missing the evil dead video but meh

  3. at mo me thinkin of

    coz its better than the jason movie
    me is prob more beers in than @farscythe tho so me thinks ill go with

    coz it minded me of this

    course i dont conform to spiracy alien stuffs

    it dont mean yall aint

    • more beers in than me?
      you either have a major issue…or you are underestimating me

      currently sitting at 12 pints

        • because im fiercely competetive
          there can only be one

  4. I’ll take any excuse to post this…

  5. GWAR has done some good covers of schlock.

  6. I loved Eating Raoul. Almost as much as the best film of the 80’s – Polyester


  7. @KeitelBlacksmith The Serial Mom and John Waters of it all remind me of Charles Busch. It’s a bit more camp than schlocky, but I’d say it works. 
     Die Mommie Die!, the knife accident: 

    Psycho Beach Party trailer: 

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