Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Selling Out

Did you guys know that Duncan Hines and Dolly Parton have come out with new boxed cake mixes and frosting? I tried Dolly’s coconut cake this weekend and it was great. Though to be fair, I think if you added a stick of butter and 4 eggs to any boxed mix it would probably turn out pretty good.

Who’s your favorite sellout? Is it Dolly? Or Kenny?

Maybe your favorite college band is shilling for rental cars now…

Thanks, as always, for your continued support of DUAN and Deadsplinter!



    • and here is my twofer a day early since I will probably miss tomorrow’s festivities.  Sorry, I could only find the full album but it is loaded to the right start point (great album by the way)…


  1. OK, this is a convoluted one…

    Remember that patronizing, nasty song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds turned into a hit by Pete Seeger? The one about ticky tacky houses? As in there were so many things you Boomer era folkies could critique about post war housing, and that’s how you chose to go about it?

    As it turns out, the rights went out there at some point and it got turned into, you guessed it, music for TV commercials for window blinds, Larabars, cell phones, and no doubt more. Because, of course. Complain about conformity in superficial ways, but you gotta feed the beast.

    Anyway, I just found this song parody of Little Boxes from obscure 1980s British comedian Russ Abbot. (Warning — it’s only a curiosity, not very funny today.)

    What makes it particularly interesting to me is Russ Abbot’s group “The Spanners” is a parody of the old Liverpool folk group The Spinners, which I have a tenuous third degree family connection to.

    Anyway, a long covoluted story of satire, selling out, satire of satire, all circling around to a guy I met once at a wedding.


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