1. Just like old times! Sharing great music with a wonderful group of music lovers on Saturday night DUAN!

    Being a huge Jeff Buckley fan, I thought this was pretty cool.
    A couple of nights ago, Myles Kennedy of the band Alter Bridge, covered Jeff’s version of the Leonard Cohen classic “Hallelujah”.

    But what made it really cool was that Myles was using Jeff’s ‘83 Fender Telecaster, which was on loan from the guitar shop that now owns it. https://youtu.be/h8rVbQ9rsx4

    • I might not have them 100% right but damn if this verse didn’t stop me in my tracks…

      I was a freedom rider/& we thought the south had won/Virginia in the spring of ’61/I sat down on a greyhound that was bound for Mississippi/my mother asked me if that ride was worth my life/& when the shots rang out I never heard her sigh/& I am still around/& I’d take that ride again/& again & again & again

      …not that the others weren’t good or anything…

  2. I ain’t rightly sure about the baptists (no offense y’all but I’m kinda an agnostic when the chips are down…) but I think you might be giving me a reason to start coming to church on the regular…

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