Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Sexy Time

What special song do you like for sexy time with your significant other? I’ve had a family emergency and may not be monitoring this much tonight and may be lacking sexy time tomorrow but enjoy DUAN-ers! Here’s my wife’s favorite sexy time band.



  1. dont have sexy time music…mostly coz theres no stereo in the bedroom (aaaand im easily distracted anyway :p)
    but hey get me a bottle of wine to go with cooking and i can do a near perfect rendition of this song

    down to the dance moves
    its sure to get anyone in the mood :p
    (okay i dont know about that…but sure is fun for me)

  2. …tough call, if I’m honest…mostly by then I’ve stopped really paying attention to what might be playing in the background on account of being a little preoccupied by the foreground, so to speak?

    …way back when though I did once get given one of “those” mixtapes (we’re talking actual cassette tapes here) with this one on & I guess I’d be lying if it didn’t come off at least a little like a compliment?

    …& PJ Harvey may have shown up a time or two?

    …which may or may not be a good thing?

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