Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Shapes

I’m off for 4th of July vacation for a few days so phoning this one in. You could say, I’m in no shape to do this DUAN.


Full Circle

Red Triangle

I’m Too Square, You’re Too Round

Enjoy your celebrations!



  1. Happy vacation! You spin me right round


  2. Spherical Time


  3. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Bridges, Squares


    The Dream Syndicate – The Circle


  4. Test Icicles – Circle. Square. Triangle

    • Yesssss!!! I hated the sophomoric band name at the time, but they were electric to see live. Love Dev Hynes.

  5. I appear unable to stick to any particular shape, but ….
    Johnny Marr – Down On The Corner

    “Not unless you think round is funny.”
    REM – Perfect Circle

    • Came here for this, was not disappointed!

    • And this one!

  6. Your pick of shape-related men: 
    They Might Be Giants, “Particle Man” 

    I Was A Cub Scout, “Pink Squares” 


  7. Hey! Wait! I forgot about this one. 
    Nirvana, “Heart-shaped Box” 

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