DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Shark Week

The Twitters keep telling me it is Shark Week, so I figured I’d go with it for the DUAN.

Ya, I did this. #sorry

Other type of “shark week”…

People say lots of things are “iconic”, but this actually is ICONIC. Basically, an entire generation is afraid of water due to this one movie.

Whatcha got for me Deadsplinterati?

And, as always, thank you for your support of DeadSplinter Up! All Night and Deadsplinter in general.



  1. Split Enz – Shark Attack


  2. Morphine – Sharks



    Bongwater – Shark




    • Rats, @Hannibal I was gonna post the Morphine (grumble whine goes to look for something else).

      • @Elliecoo I’m sorry! It was the obvious choice. But I probably shouldn’t have been a song hog and posted 2

        • @Hannibal you were quicker on the draw! I am shark song impaired 🦈!

  3. For those you who have not seen “West Side Story” 100 times LIKE I HAVE, it concerns two warring gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. Here, the Sharks and their girlfriends are debating the merits of living in America vs. being back in Puerto Rico. It is one the greatest dance sequences ever filmed. Choreography by Jerome Robbins.

    • That was a gimme lol

  4. accept – fast as a shark


    • Debbie Harry’s beauty is ethereal 

  5. Wailing Souls Shark Attack


  6. The Buttertones – Two-Headed Shark

  7. and a different kind of shark…


  8. Mack the Knife. Here is the original sung by Lotte Lenya. The first couple of lines, loosely translated by me, go:

    “And the shark, that has teeth/

    “And it wears them on his face”

    Here’s the peppier, ring-a-ding-ding, much more familiar version by Bobby Darin:

  9. Credits for the best pool shark movie:

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