Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Shoes

Zion, Illinois’s Shoes are another one of those bands that should be more famous than they ever got. Their career spanned more than 40 years, they were one of the first bands on MTV, and they invented indie rock. But a household name, they most definitely are not. Maybe it’s the banality of the name itself.

While America was just getting into disco and just starting to get over The Eagles, Shoes were in their home studio recording sweet little songs that sound more like twee Brooklyn rock from the 2000’s only much better. After self releasing 2 LP’s between 1975 and ’77, they got a major label deal in 1979, but, unlike label mates The Cars, never gained much traction with their breathy powerpop. Their first self-released album, One in Versailles, is unlike anything else from the 70’s. The songs are simple and sentimental and DIY and somehow were years ahead of their time.

Song For Her – Shoes (1976)

And they didn’t change the formula much once they were on Elektra.

Tomorrow Night – Shoes (1979)

A really unique band that not many people paid attention to unfortunately. Happily, though, The Numero Group re-released those first two home pressed LP’s a few years ago.

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  1. Bobby Freeman – Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes




    I know I’ve posted this one before but it’s such a good song and since it’s Twofer Tuesday

    Kirsty McColl – In Theses Shoes



  2. …so, having found myself too late to snag the RunDMC number my first thought was

    …but on reflection I think I can make an argument for this

    falling father from just what we are […] lie some more/these conversations kill – seems pretty timely

    too much walking shoes shoes worn thin – shoe reference, check

    too much tripping and my soul’s worn thin – I know “patient Nero” doesn’t show any signs of having a soul but if he did that bastard is worn right out

    I rest my case?

  3. Another one gone…
    And those of us who saw that awful Hercules Cartoon (from Canada City, too–we were to TV animation like Filmation…) that was Johnny Nash who sang the theme.

  4. I worked on a Valerie Bertinelli sitcom called Cafe American(it didn’t last long) – he would come some nights when we taped it. He was always so nice. One time Valerie had a headache and he went and got her some aspirin from the medic and stood over to the side behind the cameras where I was standing – he kept asking me when I thought he could run in to give the her the aspirin – the studio audience was more interested in him that what was going on on the show. 
    Here’s hoping there really is a rocknroll heaven.


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