Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Should Never Have Joined This Fledgling Circus

The late great “Colorblind” James Cuminale formed the Colorblind James Experience in Rochester in the early 80’s. They were an oddball and quirky little band that found some unlikely fame in the U.K. when John Peel started playing one of their tunes on his show. This is my favorite of their songs. It’s hilarious.



  1. One of my best Reggae concert memories was Yellowman, Shabba Ranks opened for him at a beautiful outdoor venue. He surprisingly did a Xmas album that I play each year to drive my kids crazy!

    • If you’re not purposely driving the kids crazy are you even parenting?

    • I much prefer ^ this version to the over-played radio version!

      +1 on Meg’s

  2. I just love Karl Denson and his band, Tiny Universe.
    Karl is so slick! Always wears a tie and he plays the flute so beautifully!
    The rest of the band is great too, and the horns!
    Here they cover one of my all-time favorite songs, “Melissa” by The Allman Brothers. If I had a nickel for every girl named Melissa I’ve met who was named after this song I’d have a ton of nickels!

  3. Here’s another quirky UK band from late 70’s, early 80’s

    • Those guys were great.

      • I literally have no idea what is happening here but I like it.

  4. Halftime song that makes me want to run through a brick wall:

    • I saw these guys at Bumbershoot nearly 20 years ago, they are killer live!

  5. While his former bandmate’s star has been fading of late, due to, you know, nationalism, this guy keeps getting better. I’ve really come around on his solo stuff, although it took me awhile. But he can still do Smiths tunes, too.

    Johnny Marr — “The Headmaster Ritual”

    • Great stuff!
      Johnny Marr and Morrissey were truly one of the best things that the 80’s brought us!

    • The Smiths were such a big part of my life. It pains me that Morrissey is such an asshole. Still love Jonny Marr though.

      • I enjoyed both of those.

      • A lot of right in the first one though!

  6. I’ve got a couple tonight.
    The late great Leon Russell – Tightrope

    And one of my all time favorite vocalists doing my favorite of her songs, in a great circus theme video.
    Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous

    • Love Leon Russell!
      A Song For You always seems to come to mind when I think of Leon.

      • OMG, that’s such a beautiful song. I don’t think he really got the full recognition he deserved.

  7. If we’re going for weird, my kid just turned me on to Dir En Grey. There doesn’t seem to be any genre they won’t borrow from, and at times the vocals sound like a lounge singer in Japanese.

  8. RIP to The Flamin’ Groovies’ Roy Loney and Anna Karina. Two giants in their respective scenes.

  9. Pretty Girls Make Graves – Something Bigger, Something Brighter

    • Good stuff, Boop!
      So glad you’re over here at Deadsplinter with us as you were always a terrific DUAN commentator!

      • Thanks Luv, appreciate it very much. Before I became I commenter I used to read a listen to everyone heres posts on the old DUAN. You all are great and I’m glad to be a part of this community.
        I don’t remember who posted this one, but my first DUAN comment came about after someone posted Ida Maria – Oh My God And the rest is history.

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