DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Sing Along

In the shower no one can hear you sing

Hi DS peeps! Whether you are in your shower, alone in your car or doing chores – what songs do you belt out when no one is around to hear you sing?

So, sing away my good internet friends! And, as always thanks for your support and stopping by.



    • Interesting choice!

      I get songs stuck in my head because I listen to music so infrequently. For a couple of days it was “your” Deadsplinter-provided “Ik Zing Dit Lied Voor Jou Alleen,” which I will not link to. Then, for a couple of days, it was the CVS-provided Gotye smash hit “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Now it might be “Lollipop”, which I know very well because there was an ad campaign for Lifesavers (“Lollipop, lollipop, Lifesaver lollipops”) that was on heavy rotation on Saturday mornings at the dawn of the television age. 

  1. There are very few songs that I will full-on belt out (never in the shower–always in the car).  But this one definitely fits the bill.  This is a track that should also be listened to under a good pair of headphones.

    The Black Crowes – Horsehead


  2. Everything by The Who. They aren’t even one of my favorite bands to listen to but their songs are so much fun to sing.




    Same with Stevie Nicks






  3. When I sing in the shower, I like to go big.  Here is my shower set-list for tonight, Tuesday June 29th 2021.  

    I sing this one complete with choreography.  The only difference is I’m naked and soaking wet.

    And now shower is complete without singing a little P.J. Proby as an encore.  When I perform this one, it always brings down the house.  It’s quite uncanny.  It almost sounds like I’ve got P.J. Proby in the shower with me, I’m told.


    • Springsteen is another one for me. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, I never bought one of his records, but can’t resist singing along.

      Roy Orbison singing for the lonely..


  4. This isn’t really in the spirit of things but we once participated in a charity fundraiser/drunken karaoke sing-off. I performed this:

    My life’s helpmeet performed this:

    A fellow attendee commented to me, “You’re a lucky man, Matt.”

  5. For belting, 
    Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” 

    Separate category, but for karaoke, the ’80s is king. And this seems to get particular traction in my observation. 
    Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” 

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