Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Sister Dynamite

L.A. punk rocker Alice Bag will release her forthcoming record ‘Sister Dynamite’ on May 8, 2020. Here is the title track and second single:

The first single is titled ‘Breadcrumbs’:

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  1. Nice stuff! I know her Grandma Dynamite!

  2. Although my favorite Dynamite song is Josh Zee’s band The Mother Truckers – Dynamite

  3. I think this song is dynamite, Vunderbar Harvest.

  4. The Cuts – How Far Can We Go

  5. X – Make the Music Go Bang

  6. Raging Slab – Don’t Worry About The Bomb, from their album Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert.

  7. Last one before I may need dynamite to get thru Costco! DaDamnPhreakNoizPhunk – Dynamite Derby

  8. Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne just died of Covid complications!

    • Whoa. That’s terrible. He had quite a career as a songwriter outside of the band.

    • Damn, that stinks.

    • Yeah, I just came here with the same fucking news. What a drag. I came back to them a few years ago out of pure nostalgia — and the lyrics are as dumb as they always were but damn if the power pop doesn’t hold up just fine.

      • Sometimes dumb power pop is exactly what you need.

        • P.S. He was also the guy who wrote “That Thing You Do,” which, if I go to IMDB right now and he didn’t win an Oscar for that I’m gonna flip a table…

  9. Wow, that’s awesome. She still sounds great. A true legend.

    The Bags – Babylonian Gorgon

  10. And if we’re doing dynamite and still stickin’ to sprots:

    The Sticks of Dynamite – “It’s Football, Baby”

  11. Pick ’em

  12. Lucky Lance and the StarDevils – Bang Wallop Wham

  13. …if I’m honest she’s not entirely my cup of tea but for all of that it’s still the first place my mind went when I got to Sister Dynamite

    • “Video unavailable
      The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


      Ms Dynamite, Put Him Out on Later With Jools Holland.MPG

      it’s 4:25. is that it?

  14. I’m not a jazz person, but America and New Orleans lost a legend to (presumed) COVID today. RIP, Ellis Marsalis.

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