DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Sister, Sister

Yesterday it was “brothers“, so how about today we go with sisters?


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    • And that’s because nursing was originally done by a third kind of sister, nuns. Isn’t sister the old fashioned word for nurse in Britain, too? The German word for nurse is Krankenschwester, which roughly means “sister of the sick.” 

      • i dunno?
        in my mind sister in english very much means nun
        where zuster in dutch means nurse
        its connotation i guess
        anyways…..krankenhaus is a much better word than hospital
        *shuffles away*

        • German is such a bracing, straightforward language, little given to euphemism. The word for veal, which sounds innocent enough in English, is Kalbfleish, or “calf flesh”, flesh itself meaning meat. Probably the same in Dutch.
          Bored, I did a little research into sisters/nurses in the UK. According to a 2018 article in the “Independent” Scotland has gotten rid of the term because they think it deters men from entering the profession, and the NHS in England wants to. Now in the UK “sister” refers to the head nurse, who is also called “the matron,” which is also a female word. 

          • yeah…veal is kalfsvlees over here
            dutch and german are so very similar
            and yet so very not…lol
            but if you speak one you should be able to more or less understand the other

  1. [note:  If you’re inclined to just scroll past the comments, I highly recommend you listen to this clip of the Mills Brothers singing “Swing It Sister”. You’ll be glad you did.]

    Joy Division’s cover of Lou Reed’s “Sister Ray”

    And it’s always worth watching Elvis all hopped up on goofballs.  

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