Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Slow Southern Style

Thank you for continuing to show up to Deadsplinter. Rock on.

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    • Great cover! I had never heard that before!
      I know at first Skynyrd was offended by the song but Neil Young and Ronnie Van Zant became good friends and I’m sure you’re familiar with the urban legend that Ronnie was buried in a Neil Young T-shirt!

          • I guess he was in a tomb and they just dropped his casket on the floor. I don’t know if they were able to check on his shirt. From Wiki:

            His body was relocated after vandals broke into his tomb and that of bandmate Steve Gaines on June 29, 2000. Van Zant’s casket was pulled out and dropped on the ground. The bag containing Gaines’ remains was torn open and some scattered onto the grass.

  1. My Beauty by Beauty Freak, played over closing credits of the movie Anna. Love when the brass blows in, feels like a Bond movie, which Anna kind of aspired to I suppose.

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