Deadsplinter Up! All Night: So Over It

Tonight the theme for our Friday night DUAN is celebrating being over it. Time for moving onward and upward. We are done with the way things have been and we are happy to move forward to a better future.

2020 sucked and went on for way too long. Are you over it? Cause I am so over it. I am ready for 2021 to bring some better things all our ways.

Here’s a few anthems to kiss em goodbye and take yourself somewhere better. Keep it rollin with your own songs to keep our feet moving forward to better places.

Thanks for stopping by tonight and supporting DUAN and Deadsplinter 🙂

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  1. Don’t Want You Back Bakermat 


  2. New attitude

    And I’m posting this mainly because it’s got the great Jerry Douglas on dobro.

    • Love that classic Patti LaBelle 💕💕

  3. Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining



  4. Alice in Chains – Over Now

  5. Not really my jam, but a bunch of you are probably going to dig it:

    • What every that is, they sure seem committed to the bit.

  6. On Inauguration Day Year of Our Lord 2021, after we finished up our celebratory Chicken Divan late lunch, I decided to join the Better Half on his stroll with the hound. I am still hobbled by this mysterious leg problem that no one seems willing or able to address, they instead prefer to futz around with two other manageable conditions that I’ve been managing but a decade and at least 25 years, respectively. My ninth appointment in 11 weeks is coming up, off to a medical facility I go, and I’m almost sure it will have nothing to do with my leg and it wouldn’t be within the specialist’s field of expertise. But I’m going to force him to at least hint, in some way, as to what corrective measure I might take, or give me an intelligent question or three I might press back at my PCP (these also change randomly, but after this consult there will be yet another follow-up at my medical practice) in a general first-year med student general knowledge way. He will be the sixth doctor I’ve been passed on to. Possession of excellent health insurance in America is both a blessing and a curse.
    Anyway, while I was talking about how nice it was for Mr. Scrooge to give us that Christmas goose this banger car sped past us blaring this song. I used to love U2, but their music became so inescapable I became over them. However I was so giddy I almost started crying. In my neighborhood hearing this would be as likely as seeing a bagpiper. The driver must have been returning from one of the Irish bars up in Inwood and headed back downtown or toward the tunnels to New Jersey. 
    “What’s wrong, Mattie, are you in pain? If we go this way that’s the quickest way back to the building.” “No, no, it’s the song, it…” “I was at your mother’s funeral and it wasn’t played there, it would be very strange if it were, so why does it make you so upset?” All the emotional intelligence of a goldfish, that one.


  7. In honor of Hank Aaron.  One of the oddest Futurama cameos ever.


  9. This got nothing to do with nothing but damn it feels good.

    • Well that took my right back to going to college frat parties at Delta Chi house. 

    • You’ve inspired me to post this. 
      Cee Lo, “Fuck you” 

      • Relevant.

        • (the original)

          • And while we’re at it…

  10. You Got it Goin On tonight K2!

    • 😀

    • Excellent kiss-off song.
      Also this:

    • @MegMegMcGee 😃‼️‼️ Lil CestLaVie was completely obsessed with this song back in the day! I LOVED IT. I had completely forgot about it. Thanks for sharing it! 

      • Can’t go wrong with the country ladies of the 90s. Though I saw Jo Dee at a small venue a couple years ago. She sounded and looked great but had gone full Maga. 

  11. Pearl Jam – “Rearviewmirror”

    I shared this one on Groupthink (RIP) when the election result was clear – which it always fucking was, you assholes.

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