Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Social Unrest

Clinton Fearon

Clinton Fearon was born in Jamaica and first gained fame with The Gladiators in the late 60’s.  Since the 80’s he has called Seattle home and we have adopted him as our own reggae legend.  This is his latest song with a troubled Seattle as a background.

He has been recording and splitting time between Seattle and France recently…  

a few years ago he recorded this gem with another reggae legend, Alpha Blondy

If you’re lucky enough to live near Seattle, catching him with the Boogie Brown Band is always a treat.

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  1. i am identifying on a personal level with this song and video

    but also…clinton fearon is good stuff….ive bookmarked it for when im a little calmer

  2. I saw Richie Havens perform once before maybe a dozen commuters, half who probably had no idea who he was. He didn’t care and soldiered on, probably a lot like the way he opened Woodstock and kept that disaster together while the organizers scrambled in the background to get another act on the stage.

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