DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Some things are better than others.

Why did Guillermo del Toro make freaking Crimson Peak instead of Hellboy 3? I mean, yes, I know there are reasons. Apparently mostly money. But whatever. This is not a question about that, this is a question about why the universe allows this sort of shit to happen. Damn it. (this is not to say I am not a fan of the costumes and sets in Crimson Peak because I very much am. But dang. As far as I’m concerned we could have had those as an atmospheric screen saver rather than a stupid gothic movie that kills a cute little dog for no reason, when we NEEDED Hellboy 3 from him.)

As long as we’re on Nick Cave, though, here’s another one (yes, I do love Harry Potter. Complete arc, Mr. del Toro. Let’s get this done.)

Anyone have any thoughts on movies that should have been made and weren’t?



  1. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs needs a prequel of just the Buster Scruggs part of the movie. Maybe it still will but I doubt it. Lets all sing Surly Joe & make it happen!

    • I worked with Tim Blake Nelson on Minority Report – he was super nice. I’ve loved him since Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

      I never do autographs or pics with the actors – as a crew person it can come off as incredibly lame – but I did get Max Von Sydow to sign my Exorcist dvd. He was also very nice. He also gave me a very nice bottle of champagne at the end.

      Tom Cruise was a high energy weirdo.

  2. Anybody got One Better?

  3. I’d never heard “Red Right Hand” until I started watching “Peaky Blinders.” Reminded me a bit of this, except “The Wire” used a different version every season:

  4. Did they ever make that H.H. Holmes movie? Everyone couldn’t shut the fuck up about Devil In The White City back in… [check notes] holy fuck, 2004?! Damn. I’m getting old.

    Here’s some spoopy music.

    • I love spoopy music!!!
      I have no idea if they did this or not. I kind of feel like they did, but I’m allergic to seriel killers so I wasn’t watching for it. Seems like the book was huge though, I was almost thinking about reading it the other day because it’s supposed to be such a fascinating picture of the time. Serial killers though. (shudders).

      • It’s a really good fast read – but from what I can remember it is a little gruesome.

        • True crime’ll do that. Had to look it up — but as of last year apparently Hulu had picked up the rights to the book and claimed that Scorsese and DiCaprio were attached to the project. [shrug emoji]

  5. Nick Cave wrote the screenplay for The Proposition and the soundtrack of course.

    Rider #1

  6. Movie in your mind, Saint Raymond.

  7. Guillermo, not Benicio, right? Did a joke go over my head? I’m a longtime reader of the Hellboy comics and I haven’t liked any of the movies. They just didn’t capture the tone of the books, and I never felt like they got the character of Hellboy.

    I don’t know what my answer to your question is. I do know of movies that deserved a much better sequel than they got. Escape From L.A. sucked, but I would have liked a good second Snake Plisskin adventure. A Friday follow-up was a fine idea, but Friday After Next wasn’t. I can’t believe they only made one good Indiana Jones movie. Sequels to Raiders of the Lost Ark should have been shooting fish in a barrel. The third one is ok, but not great.

    Things Gettin’ Better – Kenny And The Kasuals

      • I was slightly confused but decided to just go with it!

        • I swear I don’t know what to say. I thought the picture I posted didn’t look like other pictures of Guillermo, know…I just thought, “huh” and then went with that. Honestly, it’s no wonder my husband looks confused so much of the time.

          • This is a really random association, but Guillermo is a character on What We Do in the Shadows, and the second season starts Wednesday.

            It’s a hilarious, deadpan show about misfit vampires on Staten Island, if you haven’t seen it.

            So, in honor of Guillermo, Laszlo, Nadia, Nandor and Colin Robinson, here is the theme song, You’re Dead by Norma Tanega:

      • you could always edit and click update for future reference.

        • BRILLIANT! Now Benicio is just randomly wondering why Guillermo didn’t make the final movie in his trilogy along with us. Thank you!

      • It’s an understandable mistake. Things are so weird right now, I’m not sure anyone is firing on all pistons.

    • Lastly, I haven’t read the comics so I have no idea how the movies relate to them, but I did like the first two movies pretty well. I thought del Toro and Perlman brought something really unique to the screen which was completely missing in the third movie. I felt bad for Harbour, who I like, and thought he deserved better.
      I’m still dying of embarassment. OMG.

      • Haha. I’m not a fan of Guillermo’s work actually, so I’m not bothered. And he does seem like a really cool guy, so he’d be amused. I wish I liked his films. He and I like the same stuff, I just don’t dig the vibe of his movies and the stories never seem to work.

        The Hellboy comics are really wonderful and there’s something unique about the tone. They’re very Gothic and dark, but also very funny. It would be hard to get that into a movie, but I feel like someone could do it. Del Toro tried, but didn’t quite get it. The humor wasn’t the right kind of funny. I can, though, imagine appreciating the first two films more if they were the only Hellboy one knew. David Harbour was a good choice, but not perfect. Hellboy isn’t as mature feeling as Harbour, or Perlman. It just occurred to me, but Liam Hemsworth, believe it or not, would make a good Hellboy.

    • Hahaha, you know what, now that you say it, I totally -saw- it but the mixup didn’t even register. “Yeah, Ron Perlman. That’s him. Hellboy. Great film. Never saw Shape of Water. Loved that Heinekin ad tho.”

  8. I can’t think of a movie that hasn’t been made that should have been. I can tell you that there are a shitload of movies that were made that shouldn’t have been.

    Eric Clapton – Better Make It Through Today.

  9. U2 – “Some Days Are Better Than Others”

    Not their greatest track by any means, but it fits at least.

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