DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Somebody Forgot

Keitel forgot to do his DUAN! So I am filling in. He spent they day in the small garden, all happy and channeling his inner Monty Don. Want a free for all? Have at it! Want to do forgetfulness? If you can remember, it is all yours. Have a song about vegetables? Plant them here! And as always, thank you for coming around!

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  1. Yum, fresh-grown fruit and veg. I love it when tomato season produces these perfectly ripe and flavourful heirlooms that only need to be sliced in half, sprinkled lightly with salt, and enjoyed over the sink as the juices dribble down your hand and chin. [I swear, I’m not intending to write produce-inspired soft core.]
    Here are a couple of songs from an album, Ege Bamyasi, that translates to “Aegean Okra”. 
    CAN, “Vitamin C” 

    CAN, “I’m So Green” 

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