Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Someone Stole My Soul Away

Peak 1984



  1. Simple, effective, and visually fascinating:

  2. The Toasters – Fire in my Soul

  3. I remember the first few times that I heard this song, I was both physically and emotionally drained by the end. It was that powerful. The only other song that I can think of that had that kind of affect on me was Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”.

    As for the title, there are many theories, but I like this one:

    Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend at the time used a deodorant called Teen Spirit, which was marketed to young women. Kurt, however, was oblivious to what kind of deodorant his girlfriend used.

    One day Kurt’s girlfriend and her friend stopped over at his apartment, but he wasn’t home. The friend remarked that Kurt’s apartment smelled like her friend’s deodorant, so she thought it would be funny to write “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on his wall.
    When Kurt saw this, he thought it was some kind of great counter-culture phrase and he used it as the title of his song. His girlfriend told Kurt well after the song became a hit what the deal was.

    So here is a song about deodorant (allegedly).

    • The first artist that made me feel that way was Patti Smith. Listening to her version of Gloria,and the whole Horses album, shook me to my core. It was life changing. I felt similar the first time I heard this song. This wasn’t just good music, great music, or even genius. It was a vision of something else and there was no going back. Patti covered Teen Spirit in 2007.

    • …I have friends for whom they’re just so much background noise but I’m a sucker for lyrics & your post made me think of this for the first time in years…

      …these DUAN posts you guys have been kind enough to swing by & grace us with are something of a cathedral to a hybrid church of many musical faiths & traditions & I’m sorry my sports-heathen-dom prevented me from spending more time as a member of your original congregation.

      • I never heard her before, I love this!

        • …in that case maybe check out the other of hers I posted as my “actual” pick for the evening?

          …I remember playing that album a good bit back in the day but I’m not so familiar with her newer stuff

          …always liked her though – glad that doesn’t seem to be a just-me thing

      • …for future reference – any idea why your link embedded & the first one didn’t?

        • I second that. I tried to edit and it didn’t work. Was it a different link?

          • …myo is better by far with this stuff than me – but my best guess is the original comment might have been made under different constraints?

            …in a browser on a desktop OS the embed thing seems to work on any youtube link that isn’t pointed at a video that has disabled embeds at source (I only recently found out that’s apparently a thing) & mostly they seem to work for me on a phone but I haven’t tried different browsers &/or the wordpress app?

            …I know “our” stars aren’t the ones offered for “likes” in the wordpress app, for example – so you see a +3 or whatever with a star you can click but the two aren’t related & the wordpress ones don’t seem to stick for me so I’ve been more or less ignoring that app

            …hopefully we’ll get our collective heads around a few more of these wrinkles & get some sort of it-works-best-when type of how-to guide up to help with the learning curve we’re all on

            …meanwhile I still need to pick a tune

  4. Last night I posted 2 dark tunes. I’ll do something a little more upbeat tonight. Unfortunately I don’t think it reflects the condition of my soul.
    Jorma Kaukonen – I am the Light of This World

  5. …since the other of her tunes I linked in a reply to Luv4 was mainly for the lyrics rather than as a whole, here’s a slightly catchier (& arguably more seasonally appropriate) effort

  6. Totally off-theme. I’m looking over my 2019 playlist on Spotify (all 53 hours and 31 minutes of it) and came across this one:
    Cute Couple, A Good Strip of Green Lights from terminus.

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