Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Songs That Are NOT Christmas Songs But Could Be!

Christmas Songs Can Suck but They Don't Have To!

Long ago I worked for a company that had some of the best Christmas parties.  At one such party at a night club, we had a DJ that was playing only lame Christmas music.  Nobody was dancing and I was several drink in and feeling like dancing, so went to the DJ to request some music.  He said he could ONLY play Christmas music so I pleaded with him about what songs are Christmas music.  We had very different opinions on the subject and I tried to convince him that Give It Away was really all about Christmas gift giving!

Well, that didn’t work and I couldn’t convince him to play less sucky music.  Plenty of songs out there could be interpreted as Christmas songs.  Where’s My Halo is all about the angels on Christmas, right?

Return the Gift is pretty self explanatory and definitely about Christmas or at least the day after?

When I Get My Check is the ultimate song about holiday gift giving…

  Ok Deadsplinter elves, what you got?



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